This Insane Donkey Kong A Capella Makes Me Laugh And Feel Afraid

What the… I don't… why? Who? You'll ask all those questions and more as you watch Max and Sam's "Geekapella" performance of an iconic track from Donkey Kong Country. Why is the guy making claws over his nipples? What's with the wig? Did someone slip me some drugs this morning?

Wow. Props, guys. Your video is… memorable. And kinda brill. I'm going to go have a banana, I guess.


    Some great local talent!

      Didn't realise these guys were local until this video. They look like bogans and the accent comes through in a couple of places. (then going back to the ones I missed, they had a pavlova in the Pokemon one)

        We certainly are local! Melbourne locals to be precise!
        Glad you guys like it!

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