This Is Not An Xbox 360 Game. It's An iPhone Game. Serious.

Sure, racing games have it easier than most when it comes to making things look pretty, but still. Come on. Just look at this. There are enough jaggies to make me think it's almost a 100% genuine screenshot, but enough of everything else to think that, yeah, maybe the new iPhone 5 will be pretty damn great for video games.

For the record, it's a shot of Real Racing 3, which we've already seen on iPad, and which is part of a series that's long been kicking arse in the visuals department.


    It may also be cause the iPhone 5 is new hardware. Xbox is 7+ years old.....
    Would rather lesser graphics on a console with a controller then try to fumble my way through that games controls...

      Tired argument is tired. Looks stunning. Games with motion controls that are designed for motion controls work well, games designed *for* tablets work well too, controllers are fantastic but at times can also be limiting in their ability. It depends on the game and the controls implementation. Start expanding your imagination dude.

        And I don't like games designed for tablets because they generally bore me. Why can't they just design some sort of attachment that adds buttons etc, kinda like that thing for the Nintendo DS that adds a thumbstick?

          Thats fair enough but its really more of an opinion. As for those controls, I know you can with android and its perplexed me why apple hasnt? I know you can order these thumbsticks online which work well, they sit on your screen. I used one once, was pretty neat.

    But does it run at 60fps? Serious question. Never gamed on an iPhone.

    I wish it was a 360 game. That would be very funny Mr. Plunkett.

    graphics of the wii

    And with its 1136x640 screen, it will be rendering games at a better resolution than many titles on the Xbox.

    It's also a bullshot, the amount of anti-aliasing being applied in that screenshot is massive. Show me some realtime footage ;)

    The devil is in the details. Console excel not only at displaying graphics but computing changes in conditions that may account for variations in those graphics (e.g. weather , smoke/dust effects, changes in shadow angle and geometry based on position). We'll need to see how the game handles say entering/exiting a tunnel or hitting a sand trap to see for sure....

    That said, gaming on phones has moved leaps and bounds in recent years and much of it is due to apple's dominance in shifting the world to smartphones...but with the new consoles about 12 months or so away.....

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