This Is Quite A Trailer You’ve Got Here, Resident Evil 6

This Is Quite A Trailer You’ve Got Here, Resident Evil 6

I’m not going to get excited about this game. The sad faces I make every time I think of Resident Evil 5 have made sure of that. But “surprisingly enthused”? I can do that.


  • Still on the fence with this one, I really didn’t like the shoehorned co-op or dodgy A.I. of number 5 which this also has,

  • Eh, 5 was a great fail, like they tried to mash 4 and Gears of War together… or something.

    Mercs mode is great fun with a mate though.

  • Try the demo everyone!

    I think it’s awesome and suspect that everyone who didn’t like the demo played a different game to the one I did!

  • WTF is wrong with you people? Res5 was good I thought! Had heaps of fun with it! Wasn’t as good as 4 in terms of story but almost. The gameplay was unreal though, particularly multiplayer. I’ll be checking it out for sure. I played the last one on 360. Perhaps the PC port wasn’t good?

    • I agree. I was a huge fan of 4. And bought at xbox in order to play 5. I wasn’t disappointed. Sure it wasn’t as strong as 4. I thought were some ‘experiments’ in 5 where they went too far and pushed the action game-play slightly too much out of the ‘horror’ that the series is known for but all up I was a fun playable game and not at all the massive mistake people make it out to be.

      That said, after playing the demo for 6 I enjoyed Leon’s demo a lot but the action heavy Gears-of-War-ish other scenarios I’m not so sure of. I think I can learn to love them but time will tell.

  • Will pass judgement when I play it. Didn’t get into 5 so much, but damn, Capcom have some of the best artists in the business. Probably one of the most impressive current-gen engines to boot.

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