This Is The Geekiest Humidifier I've Ever Seen

And, let me tell you, I've been looking! So here you go, the Neon Genesis Evangelion humidifier, which is based on the iconic anime of the same name. It features Eva Unit 01 standing atop NERV head1quarters in Evangelion and looks more like a diorama and less like a humidifier. It also looks completely bonkers.

There are even LED lights that can not only change the colour of the water vapor, but also blow your mind. Priced at ¥9980 (US$127) and out this November.

ヱヴァンゲリヲン NERV本部加湿器 [EvaStore via CrunchyRoll via Tomopop]




    This is what the internet was made for... I'm throwing money at my monitor and nothing seems to be happening, anyone else having a similar issue?

    I'll take one!!! Will sell kidney.

    just made the t-rex scream when eva -1 goes beserk

    Looks cool, but why would one want a humidifier?
    Better if it was a clock & iPhone dock.

      They know *sniff* their target audience. They know that some of the people who might like this sort of *snort* thing might also happen to have nasal and sleep problems.

    Based off the first scene of episode 19


      Actually it's clearly from the Rebuild, sooo.... no.


    WIIIINNNN!!!!! *throws wallet at screen*

    I already had plans to order some stuff from here thanks to a Japanese reading friend. Now I have one more thing to add to the list.

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