This Is What A $1200 PC Gaming Case Looks Like

For many, spending $US1200 on their entire PC would be a bit much. Spending $US1200 on just the case? That's crazy talk.

Yet if you can afford it...and I know some people out there can...well, there's a case for you on the market, and it looks great. Like something that should be sitting under a panel on the Normandy, not beneath some guy's desk.

It's the Murderbox II, the follow-up to a case we showed you last year. Its creators use words like "bespoke" and "discerning" as though this were a Swiss watch or a top-shelf Mercedes, and really, considering the price and the build quality, I guess this pretty much gaming's equivalent.

It's made almost entirely out of raw aluminium that's mechanically etched and then anodized, while construction is assembled by hand.

Only 499 will be made. If one of you 499 ever actually buy one, don't send us photos of how amazing it looks, it'll just upset me.

Those reading this on something encrusted with diamonds can seriously contemplate ordering one here.




    That's what i would expect any gaming PC to go for.

      Oh, right. The case. I should probably have read the article before posting. Carry on then.

    oh em gee

    Those pics sure do look pretty, but I'm stuck thinking "that's not that great" when I see the pics showing the front of the case. I guess I'm just too happy with my current work PC case which has ridiculously easy to use removable drive bays. I'm still stuck wondering if there are any technical features in this case that push the price up? Surely there are? Surely it's not just cause it looks slightly fancy? Cause seriously I've seen plenty of cool PC cases and this doesn't really stand out all that much *shrug*

    "For many, spending $US1200 on their entire PC would be a bit much." I know I'm much more of a tech-head than the average joe, but $1200 for a PC sounds cheap to me :P

      The site details say:
      IATX MKII unibody chassis with flush mounted acrylic windowed side panels
      Front door assembly for 5.25 bay
      Front illuminated logo light assembly (red)
      Front drive structure with optical drive mount, 3x SSD and 3x HDD sleds
      CD/DVD writer slot-load optical drive
      Motherboard tray with integrated reservoir mount plate
      Structural and 2x clean midplates
      Backplate and PSU mount plate
      Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill with flange (with laser etched case serial number)
      Quad radiator mount with custom made fan power 4:1 3pin wiring harness
      Black PCB set: PCB1, PCB2, and PCB3
      Power/reset button PCB & cover with 90cm black wires and connectors
      8x SATA3 data cables
      2x custom made sleeved power cables
      2x 3mm thick logo plate with unique case serial number
      EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder mount (60mm)
      Custom made black fitted material case cover
      2x Bahco ERGO hex socket head screwdrivers

      Plus it's called a Murderbox, so there's that.

        Heh fair enough. Doesn't seem amazing enough ImO, but then again I'm hardly gonna be considering buying a $1200 case :P

    So if you buy the case, you still need to fit the GPU waterblocks, and the CPU waterblock, and so forth. I just don't see how metal pipes are a good idea in that case, given that the configurations are likely to be slightly different for each build, and so the extra flexibility of rubber tubes may be needed.

      The chrome tubes don't even come with it.

    It's a little funny that mac owners get shit for buying overpriced shiny, and then this.......

      Not that i'm trying to turn this into yet another PC/Mac debate (because i couldn't care less), but i just thought it was interesting.

        Yes but this is for the person who actually wants to waste money and not just buy a computer that works. The person who buys this is the same kind of person who would get there gear stick on their car encrusted with diamonds etc.

          Buying a Mac is like buying a diamond encrusted entry level netbook. It looks pretty but the hardware is shit.

      Difference is that this is because you want a shiny case.

      If it wasn't for the fact that the hardware you get for a Mac is rather terrible at that price point most people wouldn't say anything. If you we're paying for this 1200 case and it could only use a dual core processor you would be a twat. Since your placing looks over performance when it comes to cost.

    I think I'll stick with my HAF X. It comes with the added bonus of not dismantling my computer and rebuilding it.

    I'd also never pay that much for a case. Ever. $300AU is my maximum case price.

    That thing is beautiful. 'nuff said


    But still awesome

    I'm buying one. Right after tomorrows Powerball win ;)

    is that blood?

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