This Isn't A Photo, It's A Catwoman Action Figure

The last few months of Hot Toys' show-stopping range of Dark Knight Rises figures have seen some great pieces, but the range's reveals (presumably) come to a close today with the fourth and final primary character from the movie, Anne Hathaway's Catwoman.

To be released in March 2013, she's available now for pre-order and will cost $US195. For that kind of cash, you get an 11-inch figure with a terrifying likeness to Hathaway herself, who, while short on accessories, does come with a variety of interchangeable hands, a pistol, "real" hair (not a plastic sculpt) and a fabric outfit.

You can get one at the link below.

Selina Kyle - Catwoman [Sideshow]


    Is it sad that i think a figurine is still sexy?

    I so loved the fact her 'cat ears' were the goggles. It's a simple thing that brings Nolan's Batman into the realm of the possible.

    Oh and the sculpt looks sweet too.

      Yeah, those cat ear goggles were one of my favourite things in that movie. Such a great touch.

    It's a bit creepy how much detail they manage with these things. I can't help but wonder what Anne, and the other actors who have had detailed statues made of characters they've played, think of these.

      I'm sure from time to time they look up from the huge piles of money the sleep in, shrug, snuggle up to a handful of cash and go back to sleep.

    "This Isn’t A Photo, It’s A Catwoman Action Figure"

    Pretty sure it is a photo. A photo of a doll. She would go well with my Barbies.

      Beaten to the pedantic comment, damn.

      damn Bangers... good job. I'd say you beat me but I wouldn't even have got to that one. Must be getting old.

      Ceci n'est pas une action figure, indeed!

    Passing colleague: "Wow, that's pretty incredible. Do you reckon the zipper works and everything?"


      ha! Oh that's... brilliant. Give that person a high five

      "How do you get into that catsuit?"

      "You can start by buying me a drink."

      I want to see the detail under the zipper.

    Well technically is still is a photo. Just of a figure.

    I would buy it, if it had a strip feature

    So they're not photos? Are they sketches of the action figure, because that's impressive if they are.

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