This New Super Mario Bros. U Footage Shows More Gameplay Than Ever

I don't think I was alone in finding New Super Mario Bros. 2 a little disappointing. If ever a Mario game went through the motions, in terms of visuals and design, it was that one. New Super Mario Bros. U? Well, the more I see of that game, the more excited I get. The aesthetics, the levels, the new power ups — it appears as though a lot of thought has gone into making this 2D Mario feel a lot more fresh.

Sadly, we aren't able to embed the new NSMBU trailer in this post — it's a Game Informer exclusive — but we thought we'd highlight its existence to you regardless. Mainly because it shows more actual core gameplay than any of the other videos Nintendo has put out so far, but also because it makes an effort to show precisely what's new.

So far, it looks as though New Super Mario Bros. U will be the premier launch title for the console. Nintendo appear to be firing on all cylinders with this one, and I'm hoping it'll be every bit as innovative as the Super Mario Galaxy series was on Wii. Of course, 2D Mario has to stick within certain tropes, and it'll feel familiar no matter what, but hopefully this turns out to be more than just another Mario game.

Exclusive Single-Player Footage From New Super Mario Bros. U [Game Informer]


    It does look more like a proper sequel. It's a shame the ideas from NSMB2 weren't taken and used in this game instead, like what Saints Row 4 is doing with that DLC pack. NSMB2 felt like a cash grab, but this looks like it's making a bit of an effort. Not convinced it's worth getting a new console for, but when I inevitable get a WiiU on sale I'll probably grab this from a bargain bin.

    I enjoyed the "New" Super Mario brothers game. This one should really be called New Super Mario World, but, one thing i can't stand is the music. All those damn "Bahs" ....urgh.

    Of course, i think Super Mario world had the best Soundtrack for in the 2D Mario plat-former games, so maybe i am biased.

    I'm waiting out for the Mario Galaxy of the Wii U. As fun as they are, the side scrolling games are getting old.

    Okay that looks pretty cool. But when are he going to make a full on Mario world 2 ith every power up from Mario bros 3 and Mario world..

    Yeah okay I'm wishing.

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