This Old-School RPG Might Give You One More Reason To Buy A Vita

Here's another look at Dragon Fantasy Book II, out for PlayStation 3 and Vita early next year. As you can see, it's very SNESish. Gotta love that fake Mode 7.


    Wait... there was a reason to buy a vita in the first place???

      geez...I dunno, to play games?

        So, isn't this the same reason?

        Magick is just having a cheap shot. He doesn't know what he is talking about.

      I'd say a few. If people could drop their hysterical hatred of Sony and actually try the hardware, I think a lot of people would admit it is actually a good piece of kit.

      Admittedly, the Vita didn't hit the ground running (neither did the 3DS for that matter) but there are some good titles, & now PSone support (which I think should have been available on launch) adds a lot of the older games to gamers.

      The way people talk about Sony and the Vita you'd think Sony instructed Foxconn, who I assume is manufacturing it, to infect every third unit with syphilis.

    That's a great use of that powerful hardware right there...

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