This Piece Of Clothing Is More Exciting Than World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

This Piece Of Clothing Is More Exciting Than World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

The next World of Warcraft expansion is only a week away, which gives me something to do until November, when the official Mists of Pandaria panda hoodie I just ordered from Jinx arrives

I am a huge fan of hats with ears on them, but as a nearly 40-year-old 198cm tall bald man with a beard, wearing one while not in the approximate vicinity of my children just doesn’t seem right. A middle-age man in a kitty ear hat is creepy. A middle-age man in a gaming hoodie, on the other paw, is perfectly normal.

Part of gamer clothier Jinx’s new line of Mists of Pandaria-branded wearable swag, this sexy black and white number is just your average outerwear until the hood goes up. Then it’s party time. This is the type of garment that makes me wish I lived in colder climes.

For those of you with less animalistic tendencies, there’s also the Monk hoodie, which is incredibly fancy.


I purchased one of those for my wife, though she never reads my articles so it’s still a surprise.

Both hoodies are available for preorder right now, with a ship date sometime in early November, which should give players plenty of time to burn through the next expansion’s content. At $US60 (panda) and $US70 (monk) they are not cheap, but then neither is the design and construction. You get what you pay for. I believe I just paid for another year of you people calling me a furry.

Jinx Mists of Pandaria Gear [Jinx]


    • Well, it’s true though.

      Expansion 1: Two new races (Elves for Horde!), Outland (been in the series since Warcraft 2), new PvP features, flying mounts, and the chance to go kill Illidan and several other main characters.

      Expansion 2: New class (Deathknight), Northrend (the entirety of Wc3 and TFT), finally hunt down the Lich King (been in the series since Warcraft 1) and Arthas (the main bad guy of the series), and vehicles.

      Expansion 3: Completely changes the world that you’ve known for 8+ years, two new races (fecking Goblins!), Deathwing (been in the series since Warcraft 2), etc.

      Expansion 4: A joke race from Wc3, go to Pandaria – never featured or talked about in any Warcraft game, and… pet battles. The only interesting thing is the new class.

      • You say “Elves for Horde” like that’s a good thing. The bad players used to be pretty roughly split between factions back in Vanilla but now 99% of them play blood elves.

      • Chen wasn’t a joke character, I suggest you go back and play WC3 – was featured and talked about in WC3.

        I suggest you stop spouting about things you dont know about. Also, MoP looks a lot better than shitty cata

      • Since when was Arthas the main bad guy of the series? he only got introduced in WC3 IIRC (and was a good guy for half of it – well sorta, he was still a bit of a dick).

  • This articles title wouldn’t be so misleading if those clothes didn’t look like something you dress up a toddler in.

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