This Pyramid Head Statue Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


    Nice to see it's accurately done. Most people draw pyramid head with a waisted apron, but in SH2, it's a full one like this.

    Nice figure but I'd prefer one just with Pyramid head.

    pray tell, what is he holding?

    Also, I assumed he just had a helmet thats shaped like a pyramid on, and he just had a normal head?
    Is it actually that his head is a fleshy pyramid shape thats fused with the pyramid helm in the game, or is it just like this for the figurine?

      If you play the game you'll know what he's holding, it's one of the early enemies in the game which Pyramid Head... does stuff to.

      And yeah his head is far from normal, in the game if he grabbed you he'd pull you close and this weird fleshy tongue would probe out of a crack in his helmet and stab at you.

      Yeah... this game was messed up.

      He's holding the first enemy you fight in SH2, I think it's called Lying Figure or something

      He's holding one of those common creatures you encounter throughout Silent Hill 2.
      Can't really answer your second question, though.

      Absolutely amazing figurine... I'm gonna do my best to get one!

    Wow, hadn't seen the underneath of the helmet like that before... looks like he has an infection :P

    That's OK, I didn't need to sleep anyway.

    I'd laugh if someone had this on their desk at their work.

      Challenge accepted

    what is a silent head

      Good question.

    Pyramid Head is the stuff of nightmares full stop.

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