This Real-Life Assassin’s Creed Parkour Runner Has Great Moves

This Real-Life Assassin’s Creed Parkour Runner Has Great Moves

Cosplay is one thing; many men and women have worn the Assassin’s hood. Actually going out into the city and scaling buildings, though… well, that’s another thing entirely.

This Assassin doesn’t quite have all of Altair’s or Ezio’s moves down — there are no convenient haystacks for ten-story leaps, and it’s just as well that he doesn’t try one — but his moves look great all the same, as he leaps through fountains and through trees. He doesn’t blend into the 21st century crowd very well, in costume, but full credit for trying.


  • Just so we’re clear about this, this guy is doing free-running. Parkour is the training of efficient movement and does not teach tricking (flips and flashy stuff) like you see here. Great video though! I’ve always wanted to cosplay as Altair and do something like this.

  • True this is Free running (Parkour)is different, basically Free running is like a Free Style of Parkour as you are adding other things like flips & Tricks to it.

  • Some of it is photoshopped – eg falling down the building, and down between the staircase and wall are at the start. No water reflection, and different times of night for the larger jump.

    Would have been cool if the actual moves weren’t so sloppy and disjointed.

    Sorry to be a spoilsport.

    Would love to see a redo of this.

    • The only VFX used is for the drop off the building at the start.
      Anything else you’ve tried to point out is either due to camera angles or colour-grading.
      Check out the behind the scenes video. Devin, the filmmker behind the video, explains everything there.
      He’s a very awesome guy, and a talented young cameraman/editor.

  • This guy IS very impressive. However, let’s be honest, free running is over-rated. Most free-runners are little shits that just show off in the city and try and impress people. Most couldn’t run a half marathon or do 20+ chinups.
    However, Parkour i can understand the skill and use of.
    I’d rather be super fit and have a lean bulk on me than be able to perform fancy jumps and rolls.

    Yes, i am slightly jealous 😛

  • As an ex-gymnast with ruined knees and ankles, I wouldn’t like to be this guy in fifteen years. Great video though! Very stylish!

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