This Week In... OMG Borderlands 2!

This is September, I thought. Nothing big ever releases in September. Sure there's FIFA, and maybe another sleeper game... but I forgot about OMG BORDERLANDS 2!

Yes. This week is Borderlands 2 week. Enjoy! But there are also a couple of other games worth considering...

Borderlands 2 (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? You already know what it is. Should you care? You already know that you should care.

F1 2012 (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? The latest entry into the totally solid F1 series. Should you care? If you love F1, then it's a must. I have a friend who has a PS3 and a massive home-built car/steering wheel set up just for this game. It's the only game he buys all year.

LittleBigPlanet Vita (PS Vita)

What is it? Even littler LittleBigPlanet. Should you care? I will be playing this for sure. I really like the different ways the game uses all the touch screens.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors (PS3)

What is it? Japanese anime/manga game the only way they know how — a beat em up game with a story mode! Should you care? I actually really like the One Piece manga, but I'm passing on it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (360/PS3) What is it? FOOTBALL! The other football game! That is also good! Should you care? I genuinely think it's the best Pro Evo in years.

What are you guys picking up this week? Let us know in the comments below.


    Forgot another big one: Torchlight 2 comes out on Thursday, as does the Baldurs Gate enhanced edition (although I personally will wait for the Android version of that one)

      I thought Baldurs gate was pushed to Nov 30?

        I'm happy to be corrected on that

          Yeah, Baldur's Gate has been bumped unfortunately - fingers crossed the November date holds

      Big *thumbs down* for Mark forgetting about Torchlight 2.

      Either way, I'm on board the Borderlands 2 hype train. I've got it pre-loaded on Steam already.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Well, Mark tends to be the exception to the rule.

        Is Torchlight 2 available boxed? These articles tend to skew toward boxed product only...

    I'm going to be very surprised if Borderlands 2 doesn't break street date. GIMME DAT LOOT CHEST.

      I really hope it does break early. I've been playing through the DLC this week, it's gotten me pretty excited for the sequel.

      Also waiting for EB to charge my CC for the rest of my loot chest. Sucks I can't preload. Oh well.

        I got charged and got the shipping confirmation on Friday for mine. Hoping it turns up early this week ^_^
        Was ordered over the net, 360 version.

        .iso files for it popped up all over the torrents on the weekend. so it probably has somewhere already

        Pre-order has been paid in full for a few weeks now...

      What did the loot chest cost ya?
      I pre-ordered mine as well but im curious what teh price range was.
      Mines PC for $130


          138 for PC
          158 for consoles

            In regards to this, if you have the ultimate loot chest and are interested in selling I would be glad to consider any offer.

            I missed out and thoroughly sad because of this.

              Sorry mate i have plans for mine, been saving all the collectors edition stuff from the last many post apocolyptic games for a very special project :D
              Now i just have to buy a couple vacum tube bulbs and im pretty much sorted.

              I had pre-ordered mine back in early june

      Why did you get it!? I went in the day it was announced to find out it was sold out!

        Not sure what happened with you then, they were announced back around the 18th May, and it wasn't til early June until they announced they had sold out.

        The day it was announced (at PAX East, I think?) I watched EB's website like a hawk until it appeared on there. Within minutes I went downstairs to my local EB Games and preordered it. I knew it'd sell out quickly.

    Actually BGEE has been delayed until November.
    Which I'm actually happy about, because BL2

      Still... Torchlight 2!

        Yeah, I don't know what to play first. Probably BL2, since everyone else will be.

    Everything about Borderlands 2 really has me brassed off. No I don't know why. I suspect this is how people get when they feel like a particular game just existing is a personal insult to them. Not that I feel that strongly. Shrug.

    Borderlands 2 and Battlefield 3: Armored Kill for me this Thursday!

    Also, I think Tokyo Jungle was releasing this week on PSN too.

      Tokyo Jungle - AU Release Date will be with the Store update overnight on the September 26th.

      It will be AU$19.95

    Played the Pro Evo demo all weekend. Liked it better than FIFA actually ...

    Looking forward to getting my Loot Chest Edition of Borderlands 2 this week!

    I'm also excited for Jet Set Radio HD which should release on Live on the 19th I think! :3

    I'm seeing BL2 ads everywhere I go now. I like Borderlands but I didn't think it had that sort of mass appeal.

    Still need to grab the demo for the new Pro Evo - love those games!

    I still haven't finished the first borderlands. So, as good as what i played was, i'm giving #2 a miss for now.

      The story IS pretty important.


      It's shit.

        Oh i know it's completely irrelevant... but it's like OCD.. i like to get the first one nailed before the second. lol

    Got me a four-day weekend.
    Hoping this breaks street date.

    Dont forget to set up a VPN or Proxy for when BL2 Breaks it street date if you playing on PC othwise you will have to wait til it unlocks over here on steam.

    Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2... WOOOOOO~!

    finish class this week at 12pm thursday, lunch with friends, pick up borderlands on the way home from uni. Midsem break next week. Booyeah.

    also finished my assesments till november.

      Two weeks of mid sem break just started. Shogun 2 will tide me over until Thursday. I'm not getting out much.

    Can anyone explain to me the fuss over Borderlands?

    I've tried numerous times to get into the first one, but each time I'm bored by the lack of activatable skills (1), boring quests, and non-existant storyline. I know people rave about co-op, but there are surely better co-op offerings out there?

      Borderlands 1 certainly did have its flaws; exactly the ones you mentioned (I would have also thrown in "BROWN EVERYWHERE" in regards to the colour palette), but I think there's also just a raw fun to it as well. Simplicity in having a gun and shooting a ludicrous amount of things and getting more guns and shooting things better. Critically, I wouldn't say it's a great game, but I certainly found it to be pretty fun. Not easily quantified to be sure, but for those of us who did enjoy the first one, despite its shortcomings, Borderlands 2 is exciting because it looks like Gearbox has pumped a bit more fun and sillyness into it, as well as (from what I understand) trying to address some of the shortcomings of the first game. Different environments, more enemy types, usual sequel improvements.

      I decided to have another play of the first game in prep for 2, and I agree, it bored the shit out of me. I think this may have been a mistake as its put me off the sequel three days before release.

        I did the same thing but got the GOTY edition a month ago. I was thinking the whole thing might take me 20 or so hours. I was wrong, it drags and drags and drags. I stuck it out, got through main quest + zombie island + robolution + General Knoxx. After finishing beating General Knoxx, I had no outstanding quests and felt good about completing everything. On my way back to T-Bone Junction I got 4 more quests. I've now given up and moved on with my life (and will likely not touch BL2 for a long time).

      Its basically Diablo with guns, had a refreshingly different art style to most shooters, and had great co-op.

      The early reports are that the sequel has fixed (or at least improved) the main criticism (which you touched on as well) being the terrible storyline.

      Honestly I've enjoyed Borderlands and recently have been playing a bit of the first one in preperation for the second one, but when I first played through it the utter lack of story did put a bit of a damper on it. I mean I played through thinking "this setting could be really interesting for a proper storyline" but once I'd finished it and seen the non-ending I was a bit disappointed. Recently though when playing it through again I've been in the right mindset of wanting to just go and shoot some doods and find the greatest loot, without worrying about the fact the game has no freakin' story at all :P

      Never played it co-op but I imagine that'd be really fun (and will get to try it with the new one). Also as far as co-op goes there aren't actually that many options for 2 people to play co-op on the single console. I wanna find more good games to play co-op with my GF and the options really aren't that massive, especially if you're trying to avoid zombie games :/

      Oh and Bish below me said "BROWN EVERYWHERE" and I must agree, it could have done with more variation. It looks like the sequel has more varied environments and better customization so I'm looking forward to that too.

      Anyway I'd agree Borderlands wasn't the BEST GAME EVARRRR but it was pretty awesome if you're in the right mindset for it. Personally I think it's best played with your own personal soundtrack turned up loud when you've got time to just zone out and play a ridiculous game for a few hours.

    Borderlands 2 unlock - approximately midnight Wednesday night / Thursday morning.
    Torchlight 2 unlock - approximately 5AM Friday.

    BL2 and Torchlight 2! Hmm... still need to work out logistics... might be able to pick BL2 up after work, if they're open late.

      Lots of EB Games are doing midnight releases

        I would do that, if I weren't already sleep-deprived as it is, and didn't have to work on Thursday. Even if I picked it up at midnight, I wouldn't (in good conscience) allow myself to play it until Thursday night, anyway, so it's no big deal to wait to pick it up.

        My main concern was actually trying to discretely walk into work after my lunch break carrying a large box covered in Borderlands branding... I managed it with Skyrim, but its colour-scheme was a little more muted. I think EB Broadway's open 'til 9, anyway, so it's no big deal to pick up on the way home.

    did i read that right? You like the one piece manga as well!! : D


    Borderlands 2? No thanks.. I'll continue to play Black Mesa (why was this not mentioned??) and my other games till Far Cry 3 is released.

      Far Cry 2 was one of the worst games I have ever played - repetitive boring nonsense with the same quest OVER and OVER, and ridiculous respamming checkpoint enemies. It was a horrible experience!

    Also FTL! Although that released late last week. I bought it yesterday and have already played 7 hours... Been a while since I've stayed up till after 5am playing games.

    Also Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. It's a good week.

    Pes 2013 is out this week? I thought October...

    I've been hesitant to purchase borderlands 2 yet, i liked the first one but i haven't stayed up to date with the coverage for 2, can anyone persuade me as to why its worth the purchase?

      it's Borderlnds but with a 2 on the end. much bigger game, more guns to shoot, more loot to ......loot. I can barely breathe I'm that excited!!

    Definitely picking up Borderlands 2. I don't care if it breaks street date or not, I'm taking Friday off so the plan is to bring it home with me on Thursday night then spend 3 days tearing it up in split-screen with the wife. Hoping it supports split-screen and online co-op at the same time though, it was a shame my wife and I couldn't play together with other friends.

    Picked up borderlands 2 from Green Man Gaming today for $34 or so using a voucher. pretty good purchase for a new AAA title. happy.

      Not bad! I got it for $39.99, cashed in those ozgameshop reward points.

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