This Week In The Business 'PS3 Superslim Could Be A Super Stumble'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "PS3 superslim could be a super stumble." — Veteran games journalist Chris Morris writes that Sony is shooting itself in the foot by announcing the new design and not dropping prices.

QUOTE | "They love games. We need more of that. A lot more." — Seamus Blackley, Xbox co-creator, talking with other industry luminaries about the retirement of BioWare founders Dr Ray Muzyka and Dr Greg Zeschuk.

QUOTE | "While I'm sure Dr Ray will do great things in the future and Dr Greg's beers will be delicious, I doubt they'll lead to me having a meaningful sexual relationship with an alien." — Rachel Weber, journalist with GamesIndustry International, talking with other editors about the impact BioWare's founders had on the industry.

QUOTE | "If they don't feel like they're getting their money's worth they're going to bitch." — Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda, talking about why they're being careful about micro-transactions in Elder Scrolls Online.

QUOTE | "There's no such thing as an 'average', or even a 'mainstream' [gamer]." — Rob Fahey, former editor of, writing about whether the Tokyo Game Show is still relevant given the huge variety in gamers today.

QUOTE | "I look at ourselves as the Steam of social." — Rob Dyer, VP of partner publishing at Zynga, talking about Zynga's efforts to publish games by other developers on Facebook, the web and mobile platforms.

STAT | Nine per cent — Amount sales of NHL 13 have increased over last year's first-week sales, according to EA; the publisher reported $US27 million in revenue was generated.

QUOTE | "With that will come more premium price points." — Greg Canessa, VP of Mobile for Activision, predicting that games for tablets will have higher production values and longer play value and get more expensive.

QUOTE | "The work the console manufacturers do isn't irrational." — David Helgason, CEO of Unity, talking about their deal with Nintendo to bring Unity developers to the Wii U.

STAT | 400 million — Total number of users of the Google+ social network; the network has 41 different games available for users.

QUOTE | "It seems pretty amazing that a company like EA would pursue a course of action like that." — Attorney Mark Methenitis, commenting on the lawsuit between EA and Zynga concerning copyright infringement in the social space.

STAT | $US25 million — Amount reportedly paid by Zynga for mid-core social game developer A Bit Lucky; all 20 of the company's employees are now working at Zynga's San Francisco headquarters.

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    Sony should have dropped the price... Cos dropping it after the Wii U release would be too lait.

    I don't think Sony needed to redesign the ps3 again. This could also push back the release of the next playstation giving Xbox a release window advantage .

      maybe redmond will hold back as well, and kill us all!

    I don't get it- if they hadn't redesigned it it would still be the same price and we wouldn't even care. so it's changed cosmetically it needs to be cheaper?

      Two reasons.

      Firstly, because they are wasting time and resources by releasing a pointless rehash. People who don't have one at this stage are not the sort of people who are going to be swayed because it's slimmer and quieter. They are the sort of people who can finally justify getting a PS3 because it's cheap enough. I'm in this scenario. So this all means the price isn't going down for even longer than if they'd left it be, because it's NEW and won't be reduced for a while.

      Secondly, it's partially backlash after Sony said that "people don't want better prices, it's just going to confuse them."

      They got it right with the PSP. Prices went down BIGTIME towards the end of its life. You had people like me who bought one and a few games I had missed out on.

        Im one of those people you mentioned. Im only thinking of getting a PS3 because I want a Bluray player that can play the games I can't get on PC. I want a very cheap PS3 not a slim "new" one. I guess I'll wait for the next gen to come out and get a PS3 when everyone throwing theirs away.

          I've been waiting for a Wii priced PS3 to show up on shelves since my last one was stolen. Seems like it's going to be a long wait :(

        Looking at it purely from the consumer side misses the point.

        A smaller console will fit into a smaller box, which means they can fit more units into the same warehouses and freight containers. In this context, the money spent in redesigning the outer case likely pays for itself pretty easily.

        Sony is probably expecting people to continue buying PS3s after the release of their next generation hardware, so a redesign at this point in the console's life isn't that weird.

    My first generation Japanese ps3 is just fine. Who needs sl As for Zynga being the steam of social, only if you pretend steam is wildly unpopular and tanking on the markets

    By my maths, AU$399 for 500GB bundle with extra controller, 2 games, BluRay movie and HDMI cable, is less expensive than the $429 it cost for a 320GB bundle last month. Sony has even taken a dirty leaf out of Xbox's book and launched a near-useless 12GB in PAL regions just to slip under a $300 price point.

    Endgame models help regenerate interest in "current" gen hardware while alloying manufacturers to lower their own costs. Its solid business. It's annoying to some, ESP those who may have only recently bought now-old models, but this is true in any industry.

      yeah, but the point is that with the Wii U comming out now for CHEAPER, its just not the price drop we had in mind... I mean, i've had a PS3 since year 1 or 2 of its life-cycle and i know loads of people that are just holding off till the price is right and well, with the Wii u comming out for less than a PS3, the Wii U or nextBox is looking like a better option for them.

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