This Zelda Sword Goes Great With Butter

While at work, Tumblr user spacekat267 created this "Zelda inspired breadstick." Stick? You mean sword!

"Twas delicious and most powerful with a side of Lon Lon Ranch," blogged spacekat267, adding that he was thinking of doing an Ocarina next. Go big, spacekat267! Do a Hylian Shield! Doooooooo it.

I crafted... [spacekat267]


    Looks like something else in the thumbnail from the main view.

      Judging by his smile, there's another breadstick offscreen.

      Yep. Saw it and went 'That's a WHOOOOOLE lotta nasty' until i read the title.

    Instant meme

    'Bread stick off screen' Thats hilarious. I figured somebody had to notice it looks sort of phallic. Im just gonna feed into this and say that it was delicious too. HAHAHA! This is pretty awesome to have fellow gamers from Australia see my baked goods. Have a good one everybody and thanks for checking out my feed.

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