This ZombiU Trailer Shows You What It's Like To Play With The Wii U's GamePad

Trying to describe the experience of playing a Wii U game that takes advantage of the GamePad's accessibility and extra space as well as ZombieU does is a difficult task.

That's why this trailer is here to do it for you instead. You can see how shooting, weapon upgrades, friend notifications, sniping, and rummaging through your inventory look on the second screen. Though it's not quite unlike a few trailers we've seen released, it's another look with a bit more details for you to feast your eyes on.


    Definitely some interesting concepts there.

    The touch screen on the controller is certainly going to add a layer of functionality to Wii U games that the other consoles won't be able to match at all. Whether that's enough to get them over the line in the overall battle, we'll need to wait and see.

      I'll bet money this will be another Wii cycle.

      Wii U will be an initial hit like the Wii, in a year or two, MS and Sony will debut. The cheaper of the two (likely MS) will end up the commonly sold console along with the Wii U, like this generations Wii-60 combination initially when PS3 was grossly overpriced. Prices will plummet, the war will rage on, phones will improve and in the end only gamers will win.

        There are two major concerns I have for the Wii U - (a) if it pulls in the same casual crowd the Wii did then it'll end up being overrun with shovelware again, just like the Wii was. (b) if the casual audience that got into the Wii for a year or two when it was a popular fad don't come back then it'll be relying on the more traditional core gamers, who are likely to turn their backs on it once the newer, shiner Sony/MS consoles arrive a year later. Nintendo need to walk a very fine line between the two if the Wii U is going to succeed beyond the first couple of years.

          ps2 had its fair share of shovelware itself, just that they were forgotten behind the plethora of 3rd party Classics. Shovelware and AAA titles can coexist on a console. Dont assume such thing is impossible. Every manufacturer is trying to emulate ps2's success and have largely failed. The Wii could not achieve this goal because of its poor graphics, take that impediment away it puts itself in a good position to emulate the ps2.

        I actually think gamers are losing right now.

        Games, for the most part, are going in a direction I don't want to see them go in. Sure the Wii didn't help that, and Nintendo aren't either, with their core games like Mario being an adventure in hand-holding. I really hope this fad of making everything as "marketable as possible" and "appealing to as wider audience as possible" dies quickly.

        Developers (AND publishers more to the point) need to remember that gamers have brains and we're not ALL 6 years old playing our first 3D platformer.

          I Think you need to get with the times. Things change, dont expect the console market to stay the same. If anything apples App sized gaming caused alot of the disruption more then Nintendo, and its largely to satisfy a market that wasnt tapped until now. The core gamer market will still remain but alot of the focus will change to the more lucrative casual market, that life, get over it. These are companies after all out to make a profit. Consumer satisfaction will always be secondary to the companies bottom line.

          As long as the Core games still exist i dont see why so called hard core gamers should be kicking up a stink

    You could say it looks....*puts on glasses*...infectious

    First impressions is that it looks very gimmicky. It doesn't really seem to add much core functionality - Other than the minimap a lot of the time it seems that the touch screen becomes a replacement, rather than a complement for what you see on the big screen.

    Also I wonder what it will be like trying to play with a controller of that size (and weight) for an extended duration. It might become uncomfortable.

    Time will tell I guess.

      They also implement the wii u controller as the actual scope of the sniper rifle, wasnt shown here though I dont think? Its quite superb how it works that way.

        It was shown in the trailer actually. Looked pretty cool too.

          I must have missed that part, I saw the turret bit but not the rifle bit. Oh well, will watch again!

      wii u controller is suprisingly light for it's size. I've used it at demos. I personally like how inventory management is on a touch screen, so much faster than scrolling through stuff using a controller, but that is definitely a personal preference thing

    lol yeah its gonna play exactly like this- definitely will not be an awkward, barely-controlable mess LOL

    I won't be buying the wiiu because I don't want my arms to bleed.

      Curse of the girlyarms? Poor guy.

        I think AmBrew was referring to the end of the trailer after the players dies in-game.

    I doubt it will be in Zombie U, but that controller would be awesome as the view from a remote controlled turret or security camera. Imagine having a base defence game where you have all your camera views shown on your controller as thumbnails, and pressing one makes it full screen and controllable. It would be a cool way to check the perimeter and set off traps etc.

    Or what about a game where you could read people's minds, and you can see what they see through the controller screen, so you can check if they can spot you in a stealth game, or watch them enter the door lock combination etc. Integrate that into the Watchdogs hacking game, or maybe a one on one multiplayer game where 'screen peeking' is a powerup.

    I'm glad that Nintendo think outside of the box and try to find new ways to entertain us - developers are going to have a lot of fun integrating this into very interesting new gameplay possibilities..

      I love Nintendo for not making their consoles a poor man's PC. That's what the others are in a nutshell. I also think it's going to be their downfall. Not every developer is prepared to develop new IP or really flesh out a WiiU game to take advantage of what it can offer. I reckon most WiiU games will be assigned skeleton staffed crews to make as direct a port as possible. It's a real shame.

        Downfall? Hmm thats big talk with very little to support such a claim. Consider the fact that tablet/phone gaming is big now having that type of control functionality built in to the console gives developers the option to add that function into fully fledged games. Tablet style gaming is only gonna get bigger, and the Wii U should be able to take advantage of that boom.

          Yeah - except by (understandably) skimping on the screen they've ruled that out too. I.e. They can't just take what works on a phone or tablet and use it here because it cant handle multi-touch.

            Why cant they? Whats stopping developers from incorporating touch screen control on core games? Secondly why does it need multi touch? the 3DS and DS before has done fine without it. Now your saying because they put it in a home console its now impossible? rethink your logic. Dont forget it has standard controls and buttons, so you dont need to have multi touch. You forget to many things to come to such conclusion.

          "Tablet style gaming is only gonna get bigger, and the WiiU is poised to take advantage of that boom. "

          It's sad when people have been subjected to so much wanky PR talk that they begin to actually sound like a press release.

            its life mate get used to it. I cant help the direction the world takes, dont get pissy with the truth. You can move with the times or be left behind. Its sad when people cant accept reality

    Too gimmicky. I cant see this being any more than a full price tech demo. The Wii U does interest me, but ill wait until developers start making games which use these new toys as enhancers rather than mandatory boxes to tick. The PS3 had a similar problem in the beginning. Almost every game was being released with Sixaxis features which rarely added to the experience.

    I wish consoles would just die already, media PCs should be ruling the roster. A flexible open platform instead of this locked in exclusive BS we have atm...

      If consoles weren't around there wouldn't be much of a games industry.

    Why would you make a trailer where it looks like you're getting Carpel Tunnel from playing with the new controller?

    You mean you can manage your inventory, navigate a world map, aim a sniper? Finally, all the things I've wanted to do in video games for so long, possible at last.

    LOL This is the kind of inventory management and personalization that everyone loved about the cube and FFCC when using 4 gameboys.. Not to mention, the controller is basically turning the Wii U into a dual screen console much like the 3DS/DS. That worked out pretty damn well but all people can do is bitch about it now that it IS on a console?

    I personally welcome my new controller overlord and cant freaking wait for Zombie U much like the zombie plague.

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