Today All Crysis Games Are Ridiculously Cheap On Steam

Hi Mark Serrels here, bringing you news of wallet destroying Steam sales that will leave your cupboard bare and your children starving. Today that deal is 75% off all Crysis games. Yep, you can pay just $19.99 and get Crysis, Crysis 2 and Crysis Warhead. Yep, looks like old yeller's making the trip to the glue factory. The kids will just have to make do with cardboard for lunch next week...

Follow this link for the Crysis goodness. Possibly the best part of the deal is the fact the deal seems to work on the games seperately — you don't need to buy all three unless you want to. Personally I really enjoyed the second one. The original Crysis had the massive wow of the visuals, but the second game had a far tighter set of controls I felt — and much better level design in general. Just my two cents — but all of the Crysis games are worth playing in my humble opinion.


    Eating cardboard builds character.

      But it's digital distribution. Which means no box . Which means there will be no cardboard! The children will starve!

    Looks like my kids won't be eating cardboard. No link to follow.

    Oh wait, here it is in steam... lucky I don't have kids!

    man, the tight ass in me wants to wait until Crysis 2 is $5... Picked up Crysis 1 and Warhead for $5 probably 12 months back.

    Does anyone know why buying the games individually is slightly cheaper? Does the collection have something extra?

      By the way Mark - I can't agree about the level design in two. They took a strategic shooter, that bordered on an RTS in terms of strategy, and made it a corridor shooter with "options". So yeah, its tighter, but it completely lacks genuinely dynamic gameplay.

        I bought them individually and saved myself 2 bucks and no you don't get anything extra by buying the collection.

      For whatever reason the package price is the same for all regions, but Crysis is $14.99 normally in Aus compared to $19.99 in the US. So individually 75% brings it down cheaper.

      Basically the pack is $10 more expensive here vs the US (when not on sale), BUT crysis 1 is $5 cheaper (when not on sale). So the pricing gets stuffed up and because it means EA sneak a bit of a extra cash out of someone who doesn't take not of that, they wont bother fixing it lol.

    So far it's cheaper to buy each game separately $18.72 total. For some reason Crysis 1 is cheaper in Aus.

    Pretty sure Crysis and Warhead both still have Securom with activation limits too. So no sale for me. 2 apparently is free of extra DRM.

      I wouln't think so, I got them both at retail years ago and never encountered anything like that

    I bought them on amazon for $15 the other day, I gladly would have paid the extra 5 to have them on steam :(

      You can activate the games through Steam.

        Not Crysis... They only activate on Origin.

    mustn't forget the epic Mechwarrior Living Legends mod that's out for Crysis Wars

    Looks like EA/Origin is doing its last dash for cash on the series before 3 comes out. Hopefully 3 will be on steam as well if not then no more crisis love for me (well 1&2 at least)

    Brilliant deal, have been waiting for a sale like this for a while now. As probably mentioned 100 times above, you can get 30c off it by buying each game seperately, which just about covers the aus to usd conversion rate differences (aussie dollar is 1$-97c as of tonight/friday).

    Might also be of interest to any game collectors, trine games on sale also, 75$ off including a dlc. $8.74 for the pack. HOWEVER, if you want the games and have a few extra dollars to spare, you can buy the frostbite pack instead, comes with the trine games plus 2 extras, for a total of $9.99 over the weekend. I think I know how i'm spending my weekend!

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