Tokyo Game Show Map Reveals A Small Square Enix Booth

The Tokyo Game Show organisers released a map of the show floor — helpful for all those who like comparing sizes.

Capcom, Sony, Gree, Level-5, Sega, and Konami all have large booths. The booths for Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei seem smaller — Square Enix's booth is even smaller-looking than theirs!

Not sure how important all this is as Namco Bandai, small booth and all, is bringing a ton of games to this year's Tokyo Game Show.

The smallest booths belong to folks like Arc System Works and D3 Publisher. Have a look.

This year's Tokyo Game Show kicks off next week. Be sure to check out Kotaku's coverage.


    Gree, which iirc only makes mobile games, has a booth three times the size. Yay?

      GREE is huge though. HUGE. They were listed as one of the possible buyers of Activision recently when that whole half-hearted Vivendi thing happened.

    I am going to be there! So excited, especially now that I see this. 10 days :)

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