Tokyo Game Show's Last Day: Dragon Ball Exhaustion And Fancy Outfits

Well, this year's Tokyo Game Show has drawn to a close. It's been a busy show and lots of fun. Here's the final roundup of our coverage for TGS 2012.

The Most Amazing Counter-Strike Kills I've Ever Seen

Over the weekend, the Asia E-Sports Cup was held at the Tokyo Game Show. Local Japanese team myRevenge (formerly UNiTED) faced off against the largely Singaporean team Asking Questions. More »

Why I'm Sold on the Wii U GamePad's Multiplayer

While at this year's Tokyo Game Show, I got my first hands on with the Wii U. Other Kotaku editors have used the Wii U plenty, but since I didn't go to E3, this was my first. More »

Ex-Rare Developers Dazzle with a Beautiful and Relaxing Japanese Game

iPad game Tengami is centred around the traditional Japanese pop-out arts and crafts. Designed by Nyamyam (an indie studio started by former Rare devs), Tengami utilises the idea of paper popping up and down when turning a page. More »

Dragon Ball Looks Exhausting on Kinect

Dragon Ball Z is coming to Kinect as Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. They really should've called it Dragon Ball Z: Total Body Workout. More »

Scenes from the Tokyo Game Show Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

The first public day of this year's Tokyo Game Show drew a whooping 95,000 people. Year after year, the crowds seem to get bigger and bigger. Here's a look at what it's like covering the show, dealing with the crowds, and soaking up the atmosphere once the public days kick off! More »

The Cosplaying Ladies of the Tokyo Game Show

You've seen the cosplaying dudes of this year's Tokyo Game Show. And now? Now, it's the ladies' turn. These are some (by no means, all) of the female cosplayers, doing their thing and showing off their fancy outfits in the Tokyo Game Show's cosplay alley. More »

The Crowds, Oh My God the Crowds

The Tokyo Game Show is a crowded place. It's not so bad on the business days where the attendance is around 25,000 people. On the public days, the amount of people usually skyrockets to over 80,000. More »

The New Macross Movie Has a Rockin' First Trailer

Announced back with the release of Macross: Do You Remember Love? on Blu-ray, the new movie Macross FB7: Listen to My Song! premiered its first trailer at Saturday's Macross 30th Anniversary event on the Namco-Bandai stage at the Tokyo Game Show. More »

Top photo: Toshi Nakamura, Toshitaka Tachibana, Richard Eisenbeis, Neil Hulihan from Gizmodo Japan/Kotaku Japan, Brian Ashcraft


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