Tom Nook Has A Sweet Ass? I Never Noticed.

Of course, there's already been an official Animal Crossing anime, released all the way back in 2006. But there's always room for unofficial animated adaptations, especially when they're this funny.

Warning: this is a little NSFW, so keep the volume button handy.

Game Grumps Animated - Silly Voices - by Flannelson [Game Grumps, via Go Nintendo]


    I love me some Game Grumps. Though this video is hardly what I would have chosen to feature an article around.

    Why not the video about Proto-Man ?...

      And why does this author not even mention gamegrumps or their channel? Kotaku did the same thing with the Completionist! So pointless to people out of the know...

        I see it specifically metioned

          It's 'cited', sort of... but I wouldn't say that it was 'specifically mentioned' in his 2-3 sentences... and with that I have completed picking nits for today.

    just because you work for americans doesn't mean you have to speak like them luke, its arse here....

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