Toshiba Runs A Game Demo At 4K Resolution

Toshiba Runs A Game Demo At 4K Resolution

The hype over at Gizmodo right now is all about 4K televisions and the incredible clarity the extra 4096×3072 resolution brings to your viewing experience. I haven’t seen a 4K TV in action yet, so I’m finding it a little difficult to visualise, but I also have another concern — most consoles games at the moment don’t run AAA titles at 1080p, what kind of horsepower will be required to make games run at 4K? This video shows a demo running from a souped up PC, running at the full res…

Of course it’s pretty much impossible to see the real impact of this on your relatively low-res monitor, on YouTube, but the possibilities of a resolution massively beyond that of 1080p is simultaneously intriguing and terrifying. Will games always be playing catch-up? That would be my main issue. I simply don’t believe that even the next generation of consoles will be able to run games at that resolution. And there’s also the issue of the cost — Sony’s 4K TV will set you back $25,000. Most likely it’ll be a while before this tech is truly mainstream. It will also take time for mainstream gaming to catch up.

But for now, I suppose, we can just imagine.


  • I’d be surprised if the next hardware iteration didn’t target native 1080p. Most midrange gaming PCs can handle that now.

  • Given what I’ve heard about quad cores with a HD6770 equivelant graphics cards supposedly powering the new xbox and ps3, I’m struggling to even imagine them hitting 1080p on every game :/ Makes the next gen seem a little redundant.

    • The funny thing is you’re right Nick – “Next Gen consoles” are pretty much going to be using this gens pc hardware.. almost like a catchup which seems almost redundant. Our current consoles as it stands actually have all the necessary processing power the main reason they need to be updated is purely because of ram (or lack there of).

  • My understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong, because I may well be) is that the reason we don’t see many games in 1080p is the amount of time it takes to make, i.e. the number of polygons required. I use the Final Fantasy series as an example: back in the late 90’s, they were releasing a proper numbered FF game once a year… compared to how long it took them to create FF13. I rememember them saying that to recreate something the size of FF7 with the graphical level of FF13 would take 12 years… Imagine how long games would take to be made if they were all being made for 4K resolution.

    Like I said, maybe I’m wrong, and please do tell if I am.

    • 4K development would still be quite similar to 1080p in that regard. Jumps made in things other than resolution aren’t the problem with creating a HD world of that size.

    • Actually resolution would have nothing to do with that

      The difference is the quality of textures when final fantasy VII came out textures like that we’re accepted hell they we’re viewed as a huge leap.

      The problem is that these days people want detailed textures as opposed to single shade walls. Coupled with things not being overly reused.

      1080p is a resolution for the picture most games on consoles don’t output in 1080p purely because to do so results in sacrificIng hardware power to render a 2D sidescroller could be 1080p

    • You are incorrect, the same number of polygons are used at any resolution. The issue is what is called commonly referred to as ‘Fill Rate’ or the amount of pixels that need to be rendered on those polygons. The bigger the res the more pixels there are and the longer it takes to render each one. The other difference between consoles and PC’s is that on consoles the developers can work much more closely with the hardware and get better performance than an equivalent spec’d PC with its bloated drivers, just ask John Carmack.

      • Infact it’s actually much easier for companies to make games thesedays as most of the works pre-done in the game engines themselves unless they build their own from scratch. It’s all about adding textures of their own (graphics designers) and coding when they want things pre-made in the game engine to occur, back in the days of FF7 everything would of been made from scratch and would have taken much longer. Its like try using Photoshop v1 to create a picture as opposed to using Photoshop CS6 that has so many automated tools it’s crazy.

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