University Researchers Discover Cure For FarmVille Bots

If you are a company who rakes in millions making social games for Facebook, I have good news for you. Researchers at N.C. State University have developed the means of more accurately detecting bot accounts without alerting their owners, so the game's developers can shut them down and kick those freeloading sons of bots out of the cityville.

If you actually play these games, well, sorry, this isn't of much help or use to you. And if you play a bot account, your days are numbered.

The key lies in how this technique analyses how players move their mouse and click on the screen. Bots give themselves away because they don't show the same range of variability in how they interact with the screen.

"This will allow game designers to differentiate bot accounts from actual human accounts, with confidence, and then cancel the account," said Dr. David Roberts, an assistant professor of computer science at NC State and co-author of a paper on the work.

Roberts said some sophisticated bot programs may feature some interaction variability "but not enough to fool our monitoring technique consistently. If this technique tracks game play for any significant amount of time, it should detect a bot."

Roberts and his research team are optimistic that they'll have agreements to sell this technology to game companies soon. They'll just be paid in Facebook Credits.

Researchers Unveil New Technique to Detect Bots in Casual Online Games [North Carolina State University]


    I remember way back when- they did the same thing with Runescape.
    And people found a way.
    Someone at Kindle said their new tablet would be 'unhackable'
    Hacked within a week.
    They say that bots won't be able to fool it?
    Guaranteed, a month after it starts up- the bots start beating it
    The bots will just get smarter. And then we trust them too much.
    And then they start eating our toddlers.

      It won't stop them, but it will slow them down, quite literally in fact, as they will probably have to make their bots do interactions at more humanlike speeds.

    This won't last very long after the UT Turing Complete AI contest showed that human-like bots can be created...

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