Up All Night With Some Of The Best Cosplay On Earth

Cosplayers' Cure Night was a showcase of some truly great cosplay. Kotaku was around before the event (snapping pictures), but we had to retire for the evening before it kicked off. What can I say, our bed time is so early!

Sadly, we missed the event. However, Japanese game site 4Gamer was on hand for the festivities and snapped a bajillion photos. Some of the cosplayers should look familiar; some won't. All of them are incredibly talented and look as though they pulled off great performances.

[TGS 2012]総勢200名近いコスプレイヤーが集まった「COSPLAY COLLECTION NIGHT@TGS」をフォトレポート [4Gamer]

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    One day I'd like to open one of these cosplay threads and see bad ass looking costumes and not just girls in skimpy outfits trying to look cute.

      It seemed to me the majority of those weren't girls in skimpy clothing.

    I swear I can never recognise nearly any of these things.

    Quite a few nice costumes, especially all the T&B ones :) nice job!

    It's a lie! They don't look cured of cosplaying at all!
    Seriously though, good cosplayers make me incredibly jealous of their awesome costume making skills.

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