Up Close With Circle Pad Pro For The 3DS XL


    Hmm... the undersides to that look *slightly* better than the original. Really want to get my hands on it to try it though.

    I also kind of like the tapered side there, so that your thumb is brought kind of closer to the face buttons.

    That girls face looks like a China doll

    Someone get that girl a screen cleaner cloth ASAP!

    Looking at this thing, it's hard to believe it's actually a first party addon and not something you'd buy from the kinds of companies who do those crappy cheap plastic 3rd party peripherals/ripoff controllers/etc.
    What an ugly piece of crap, and it looks awkwards as hell to use the face buttons.
    It just blows my mind how they couldn't manage to fit a second analog on the 3DSXL to begin with...

    It's like they had a "Design the circle pad pro!" competition for children to enter and this was the winning design.

    Jesus christ, it's gigantic... is that bigger than the Wii U controller???

    It's like the original Sega Game Gear, only this time you get to buy it 20 years later.

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