Waiting Around? Don't Play Games On Your Phone; Just Play Games On The Traffic Light Instead

On the one hand, it seems a bit ridiculous. Who needs a game embedded in their walk light? Is the humble button not good enough anymore? Whatever happened to just waiting patiently for the light to turn?

And yet on the other hand, the planner behind this German intersection may indeed have been onto something. Pedestrians get hit in my area (metro DC) almost daily, and while oftentimes it's the fault of drivers, I've seen folks step off the sidewalk and into traffic against the light more times than I can count. If a game like Pong will keep someone staying put until the light turns green, it may not be such a bad idea after all.

And yes, it kind of feels like it should be more like Frogger than Pong but it's really probably for the best that it's not.

Pedestrian Crossing Lights With Integrated Pong Game [Geekologie]


    I just wish our lights had feedback! Every other country I've been to their lights generally tells you not only when you've pressed the button but also how long until it's going to change. In QLD all we get is a giant silver button that may or may not be connected to anything for all I know.... leaving me with no option but to play the "Hit it repeatedly at various speeds until it finally changes" game.

      And then you get 2.8 seconds to cross a twenty metre crossing.

        You know you can cross when the green man is on AND the red flashing man right? You can't cross when it's a sold red man.

    Imagine how awkward the walk will be after getting schooled by the opposite sex.

    I don't care about the game. That countdown needs to be on every single traffic light. You never get enough time and knowing how long to wait would be uber useful.

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