Want To Bring Your Indie Game To PAX? It Could Cost You $11,758.70.

Want To Bring Your Indie Game To PAX? It Could Cost You $11,758.70.

Got a hot new game? Want to bring it to PAX? Hope you’ve got a trust fund. The people at BitFlip Games have written an entertaining (and eye-opening) blog post that breaks down how they managed to spend close to $US12,000 just to get their game Minion Master out on the show floor.

Here’s their numerical breakdown:

The Recap:

  • Booth: $US1300.00
  • Furniture: $US435.28
  • Mounts: $US67.40
  • Beer/welding: $US14.75
  • Server Stand: $US60
  • Computers (8): $US3265.36
  • Screens (7): $US1813.21
  • Router, Cabling, Power: $US186.92
  • Misc. Supplies: $US78.20
  • Promotional Cards: $US1836.10
  • Shirt/Caps: $US600
  • Electricity: $US219.50
  • Incidentals: $US1650
  • Airfare: $US1257.40
  • Housing: $US710

Total: $US11758.70.

Pretty crazy stuff. Check out the full blog post to see why everything cost what it did.

If you’re a game developer and you’ve brought a game to PAX or a similar trade show, how much did you wind up spending?

So, You Want to Take Your Indie Game to PAX. [Bit Flip Games — thanks David!]


  • Given that 90% of those costs hold true to any public showing, I think the title of the article is a bit disingenuous.

  • I spend a lot of time at conferences – this is about what you’d expect. In fact, the 1300 for the “booth’ is actually on the cheap side.

  • man, I’d hate to be a journalist that stays neutral.

    PAX only charges like 3 things on the list, everything else (such as T-shirts) have nothing to do with PAX and it’s organizers. Your title unfairly attacks PAX.

  • The team acted as though they were attending a local show.

    Through research for my own team, I have discovered that all PAX events are run by a private contracting company hired by the convention center that hosts the event. These guys deal with everything from setting up tables, lights, video screens and audio equipment, to wiring everything up and making sure it powers on. Many of these contracting companies will charge you a handling fee at the dock if they are loading and unloading equipment not rented from their exhibition services team. Screens can be rented, rack tables can be rented. I understand wanting to run builds on a tested computer, that’s what we did at PAX Prime but spending money on all that other equipment is a waste and our office is 6 blocks away. You end up blowing up your quotes and though we didnt spend 2 grand on a deck of 22k cards we made other poor decisions that wasted a lot of time and money in preparation.

    Definitely not 11k, I designed 2 7ft tall cherry stained arcade booths to showcase our game on 27 inch monitors which we got for a steal. All in all the 2 booths cost around 1200 dollars, but they were nice and worth it. Another 500 for a small 3×8 banner and other media and then booth costs which were high because we were in too late for megabooth.

    The point is treat PAX like it is, a trade show. The small stuff is nice but it isn’t what people are there for and it’s definitely not what you’re there for. Design your booth simple and effective and work with the teams of contractors ready to help you make it the best.

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