Want To Help Promote Your Games On Steam Greenlight? There's An Tool For That!

Steam's new Greenlight service has had to withstand a fair amount of controversy over the past couple of weeks, but for developers serious about getting a spot on Valve's digital shelf, it's still a massively positive thing. This clever new tool, developed by Australian indie developer Tom Greenaway, is designed to help you drive votes to your submission and raise awareness. It's pretty nifty. And it's free!

It's called Greenlink, and it's a widget that easily integrates itself into any blog or website, creating a banner to help push people towards your Greenlight submission.

Tom Greenaway is a developer himself, one of three members of Kumobius, the team behind Bean's Quest. He noticed there was a gap to be filled, and set about filling it.

"Steam has just launched Greenlight™ and it is already very populated," said the appropriately named Greenaway. "I was hoping there'd be an easy way to link to your project page from your own website or on forums. A regular anchor link will do this but I believe a more consistent look for this type of branding will help grab your user's attention and drive them to upvote you!"

You can download the tool here.


    An tool?

      leave him alone, he hasn't had much sleep =P

        He should be fine. Love pillows increase the amount of rest you get each time you sleep. Twenty minutes with that pillow is the same as 3 hours sleep.

      It was probably originally "an app", to match the popular slogan, and they he changed it at the last minute to better represent the utility in question.

        I assume he was paraphrasing that statement as a joke.

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