11 Minutes Of Stunning Gameplay From Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

This is the unreal gameplay footage from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes that director Hideo Kojima showed off at an event today in Seattle.

Ground Zeroes is a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5, Kojima said at the event.

Enjoy the video.


    Watched it earlier this morning. Want. Now.

    Who do we think the kid is?

      Chico. And I assume the "she" being referred to is Paz.

        Ah, hadn't played Peace Walker since release.

    9 1/2 minutes of intro + 40 seconds of Snake walking forward does not equal 11 minutes of stunning gameplay.... really... I mean it *does* look great graphically, but you really should retitle that to 'WATCH THE INTRO TO MGS GROUND ZEROES' or something? It's a little misleading.

      On that same note though, that intro got me more excited than the whole of MGS4 :)

        .... you didn't realise the cut scenes are rendered completely on the fly with fox engine? It looks too good even better than every single game we have right now.

          I realised, I just wanted to see some gameplay like the title suggested? The intro was amazing no doubt, I was frankly amazed by the quality of the ingame graphics. The longer trailer is stunning, would've been great if Kotaku had of posted that one. It has around 4 extra minutes of ingame gameplay including snake driving around etc. Very impressive.

      Frankly, I'm impressed that you found something to complain about. Your dedication is quite astounding.

        One thing to complain about: the animation for Big boss getting into the jeep was pretty rigid. That's about all I can say on the negatives...

          I thought the animations were superb myself. I've never had a problem with the quality of Kojimas work, he's definitely one of the few true perfectionists as far as the little details go.

      Atleast the whole video was using the fox engine. And that 40 secs of gameplay was the most visually stunning game ever.

      This game could be the game the industry needs to show that this generation still has what it takes to last another 5 years improving graphics.

        The issue was never the fact it was using the fox engine. It's getting blown out of proportion. It's also a bloody awesome looking game. The only thing is, a cut scene can make a game look like you can do anything whereas the reality is once the controls kick in you're limited to what your controlset is. A great example? Saints Row The Third. Love that game but the cut scenes make it look like you can do a lot more than you can. I was just saying I wish we could have seen more gameplay, less pre-animated (but ingame engine obviously) cutscene, which *is* a valid point, pissing by McGarnical and co. asides.

    Not a MGS fan, but that looked impressive. Running on current generation technology too! Amazing!

      pretty sure I read it was actually running on a PC, but they're confident they can get something equivalent-looking running on PS3.

    Never played a MGS game (getting the Vita collection after Guild Wars though), so I skipped to the end.

    I wasn't blown away. The character models were good, but the textures on those rocks were nothing special and Snake (?) looked a bit weird as he crawled on the ground. The graphics are nice, they look as good (maybe better) than The Last of Us, but that game had a cool visual identity with the urban jungle, wheras this is just bland military compound.

    As an unbiased MGS never player I think it does look good, but I'm not blown away.

      Now there's a game I'm desperate to play, The Last of Us looks incredible.

      Yeah the graphics were amazing but a bit strange, really great models and lighting and camera feel, but the textures were so flat on everything as to be almost non-existent. I wonder if that's an effect of the rendering engine, they're saving on texture memory, or it’s purely an aesthetic choice… or perhaps all of the above.

      You sound like the comicbookguy.

    I'd actually call that 9:30mins of cinematics, about 45secs of gameplay and 45secs of credits . Either way it looks good.

      Nice to see Kojimas sticking to his regular format huh...

      So a MGS game then? :-p

    This will look like that on PS3? Amazing if so, and ridiculous that people are already waiting desperately for next-gen consoles. I hear this is running from PC though so I'm doubtful right now though that this will look that good, or will be out on current consoles. That video was in 1080p for a start, not a lot of console games manage that. MGS4 was released four years ago though and still looks great so maybe Konami can still pull some magic.

      Kojima has said himself that they can
      Get the graphics to look exactly the same. One main point to Kojima making the Fox engine was for the Game Engine to run on all ports without any noticeable difference.

      Yh the PS3 version will look pretty darn similar to this, but I can still imagine there being a small difference considering the PC being the PC but Kojima isnt going to waste his time making the PC version the best since he would allready know the console version is going to take up 95% of the sales anyway.

    IGN apparently have a "14 minute extended gameplay trailer". Since I saw the one above I didn't bother checking out IGN's one but I'll post a link here if anyone is interested.


    Let us know if there's anything worth while in the new 3 minutes!

      It appears to continue where this one finishes, I just skipped to 10:30 mark and started watching.

      Basically it just adds commentary i presume from PAX which goes on to say everything is open world, kills a guard with a silenced gun, you can get in any and all vehicles, then you can call a helicopter at any time with flares which can either give fire support or you can get on and leave the mission at any time on the heli back to the mission hub menu.

      My favourite part is when he says you can adjust the music the helicopter plays when it gets called in and the loudness of that music may attract enemies to shoot it down. Genius.

        The open world thing does look a lot of fun. Peace Walker was a pretty great game but those levels were rather linear. The place shown in this demo looked massive, it's the kind of playpen that makes a Metal Gear game fun, I can't wait to get in there and play around.

          Remember Peace Walker was made for the PSP- probably the best game on it too.

      Thanks guys, watching now :D.

      By the way is the burned(?) face guy, the boy and 'Paz' new characters or are they from other games? Someone above mentioned Peace Walker. I've only played 1-4 and even I wasn't 100% sure what happened in those games :P

        The Boy is Chico, who is from Peace Walker along with Paz. The burned guy looks like someone new.

          Burned guy was someone from Fox right? Will be interesting to see if he is an old character, maybe someone from Portable Ops, I can't remember what happened in that game.

      Thanks. Love the bit about the helicopter music lol.

    From splinter cell to this i go

    You cannot complain about the lengthy cutscene. If you can't enjoy a good long cutscene, Metal Gear Solid's the wrong series for you.

    Big cutscene + little gameplay, that's the MGS template right there haha; looks awesome though, can't wait to play it.

    Also, graphics look better than I expected for a PC build from a developer who mostly does Playstation stuff. :)

      This gets me wondering- how does a game get developed? I always assumed they made them on PCs, so shouldn't in theory all games work on a computer?

      Or is this the most noob question ever?

        I've always thought the same thing

    Looks like we have very different understandings of the term gameplay

      I get the feeling this will be more of the MGS scenes to gameplay split. Open world should mean longer stretches of doin thangs with long cutscenes when you do an objective so you can make a coffee, eat your dinner or whatever else will take you ten minutes. Can't wait.

        Well this does pretty much look like the opening of the game.

      Careful, McGarnical will get shitty at you for pointing out something valid...

        McGarnical's a douche.

    Big Boss looks like David Duchovny with a beard lol


    I seriously doubt this is what it's going to look like when being rendered in real time on a PS3 or XBOX360.

      Snake on 360? I doubt it.

        Snakes already been on the Xbox. The new collection was also ported to 360 wasn't it?

      "the footage we were looking at would be comparable to the PS3 version of the game"

      Well I could compare Halo:CE to Halo 2600...

    I hope there's just as much wry humor secretly pumped in as his last games, I always loved that about MGS, how they weren't just great as a game, but had genuinely funny humour and easter eggs

      I just hope there's less creepy perving on underage girls in this one. And doing whatever you do inside a box built for two.

    I told myself I wasn't going to witch any MGS5 clips prior to release.
    It took me all of 5 seconds to fold.

    Stunning? To be honest it looked exactly like I expected it too. For that whole 30 to 40 seconds that is. Maybe you have to be a huge MGS fan to appreciate it more? My face is still he original (non solid)

      If the PS3 can pull off those kind of graphics then yes, stunning.

    I'm pretty damn sure now that MGS5 will be a remake of the Original SNES Metal Gear game. Peacewalker was already approaching the events of the first game in the overall timeline of the MGS saga, so I'd say that Ground Zeroes is Naked Snake/Big Boss' last hoorah as a playable character.

    Not that this game engine makes that sound like a bad thing... holy crap it looks good!


    For those keeping track of music - this trailer uses a here's to you which is featured in the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack by folk singer Joan Baez and also originally in the italian film Sacco e Vanzetti,written by Ennio Morricone- who's music is usually in most Tarantino films these days.

    That was incredibly awesome to watch and my recent (ie, year old) love for the MGS series has reignited with a passion. Although they're really pushing the uncanny valley. There were quite a few plasticcy people and jittery movements,as well as a bit of shading mismatch. Still, this has to be one of the best looking games so far.


    I want it inside me. I want it in my veins.

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