Watch 15 Minutes Of Far Cry 3 Gameplay

God bless you PAX — not only have you given us an amazing look at Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, but now you've given us this 15 minute gameplay demo of Far Cry 3. If you ever had worries regarding how open Far Cry 3 would be in comparison to its predecessors, this is the video you need to watch.

I think there was an element of concern about Far Cry 3, especially since one of the earlier gameplay trailers seems to show an Uncharted-esque, linear escape from a burning building. Of course, there's nothing particularly wrong with that kind of thing — but in a Far Cry game? Where you expect something a little more emergent? Some Far Cry fans I know — and I'm thinking of ex-Kotaku Australia Editor David Wildgoose specifically — were a little bit worried.

Good to see that Ubisoft is still committed to retaining that broad scope.


    Amazing most wanted game of all time, will be game of year cant wait!!!!

    i hope the constant wallhack is a skill thats optional, but im so happy to see that the health system from far cry 2 has now come back instead of the typical health regen they had when they announced farcry 3

      Yeah I'm not so keen on the old style healing system.
      Don't get me wrong, Far Cry 2 was brilliant but I just feel as if it's so painstaking and tedious when it comes to using the old healing system. I mean look at how well it healed you, one syrette healed two bars. That means when your low health you're always going to have to find and store tons of healing syrettes so you don't run out. I dunno, seems ok but I just got really bored of constantly having to heal myself like that and keep track of my medial supplies... Just thought health regeneration might be a nice change for Far Cry but I guess they won't do it. Just an opinion mate.

    Looks great, can't wait to pirate it ;p

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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