Watch 15 Minutes of The Last Of Us Gameplay

Watch 15 Minutes of The Last Of Us Gameplay

Naughty Dog — I can’t think of a developer who makes more watchable video games and The Last of Us looks like no exception. Want to watch a full 15 minute gameplay demo? Sure you do!

I’m personally looking forward to seeing precisely how flexible the gameplay of The Last of Us really is — what happens automatically, what I’m in control of. I’m not looking for a fully dynamic experience — I don’t mind the cinematic style of Uncharted — but I would like to precisely how the whole thing locks together as an experience.

Looking forward to this one.

Watch The Last of Us PAX Theater Gameplay Demo in HD [PlayStation Blog]


    • This demo is almost completely different. Naughty Dog said, at the time, that the E3 demo was basically an abridged version of an entire level. While this is the same area, about 75% of it is brand new.
      And so, Bloggorus, you suck. Why would you want to see more than a small chunk anyway? Personally, I want as much as possible of the game to be fresh when I first play it, and thoroughly regret watching this video.

  • As great as that was, I’m going to be a bit bummed if there’s no option to try and talk to these groups you encounter. I hope ‘shoot-first-ask-questions-later’ and ‘be stealthy’ aren’t your only two options.

    • while there will be friendly survivors, this isn’t an RPG so I wouldn’t expect the kind of “options” you refer to. The groups in the video have been established as hostile survivors.

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