Watch 17 Minutes Of Dead Space 3 (If You Dare...)

After the hullaballoo surrounding Dead Space 3, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game hadn't been completely ruined and sucked of all tension and terror. After playing it for the first time I realised it... felt like Dead Space. Whaddaya know. Now you can see this for yourself with 17 minutes of walkthrough footage.

If you are a fan of the series, and have doubts about the direction of the series after the hyperbole of E3, this is probably a must watch. I loved the original Dead Space, was a little less enthused with the sequel, but I'll still most likely come back for more with the third iteration.

I wonder if the timing of this video has anything to do with the impending release of Resident Evil 6? Or am I being too cynical...

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    I love this series, best in recent memory

    I was a little worried up until the seven minute mark... looked like a Michael Bay film. Graphics are amazing, but I don't think anyone plays Dead Space looking for over the top cinematic actioney-cutscenes. Thankfully, the rest looked pretty good, and that ending... pure awesome.

    Woohoo! I cant wait that just looks so much better than ever.

    Well, the player is really slow at aiming and reloads too frequently. The game would seem to be a lot easier if he could aim properly for slow-moving legs.

    Well, that's great to see that Dead Space isn't Dead.

    I'm really quite disappointed by this trailer gameplay wise. It's still just the same enemies. Why don't they give them new behaviours? It takes a lot of the tension away when you know what these enemies are, and what they can do. The biggest reason people become afraid is because they don't understand or lack information -- a fear of the unknown, as they say.

    It's just lazy, and now I'm less in love with this, at least from a gameplay standpoint.

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