Watch A Live Silent Hill Rock Concert (And No, I Didn't Make That Up)

Famed video game composer Akira Yamaoka, best known for his work on the Silent Hill series, doesn't just work off stage. The guy, he can shred. Thing is, most people have never had a chance to see him rock their socks off live, because he usually only plays in Japan.

But his latest project, dubbed The Silent Hill Band, last week played their first live show in the US. On the setlist were tracks from various Silent Hill games, sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, reprising her role from the original recordings.

You can see more videos, and photos, at the link below.

Akira Yamaoka and his Silent Hill band first US Live Show [Babysoft Murderhands]


    wow most of the front page is spammed by luke :\

    I would pay so much to see this in Australia

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