Watch Assassin's Creed III Throw A Boston Tea Party

There are a lot of paintings depicting the Revolutionary War in this new Assassin's Creed III trailer, which hints that Connor plays a secret yet crucial role in the Boston Tea Party. Yet, I can name none of them. I should paid attention in art class.


    and at the end of it you have to say 'My, what a lovely tea party'

    The Revolution I read about claimed the Tea Party was a group of people sneaking onto the boats and dumping the tea, not everyone in town rioting. It wasn't about America then, it was about being able to continue to smuggle tea at cheaper prices.

      I read about the boston tea party in anticipation of this game and thanks to the NewsRoom.

      The tea party originally was abuot americans rebelling about Britains monopoly on tes imported from India. Firstly tea was imported to England and then exported to America at a high tax rate.

      there was controversy with who they should be taxed by and they disagreed, but basically the ships were not allowed to deposit the tea or leave the harbour until it was sorted.

      To sum it up, the former English now Americans were pissed off that England continued their teatax (there was a lot of this going on at the time) and to show their near independence they dumped the tea and there was rioting. for a really good summary

        ugh, tea imported from India.*** damn spellcheck.

      That's pretty much accurate, the actual "Tea Party" was just a group of men disguised as Native Americans dumping tea off the boats. There were later some small riots, but almost everything that happened was overblown by the press at the time. The average American wasn't worried about who ran the country, just how much tax they were paying. pc? I didnt see a PC symbol at the end, or a pc box....the deuce is going on?

    Change seats!! Oh wait, wrong tea party. That shot of Connor with the American flag waving in the background totally proved to me that Ubisoft isn't making this a jingoistic, patriotically yours game.

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