Watch CNBC Painfully Try To Make Angry Birds And Bad Piggies Jokes

Listen, CNBC, I understand that there's a lot of complex data flying all over the global economics maps at any given time. And anything that a TV producer can do to make all that parsing and projection seem even a little bit fun or plugged into pop culture must feel almost like an obligation. But, man, this attempt just hurts to watch.

The first part of the segment uses a phrase called Vindicated Doves to riff off of Rovio's hit Angry Birds franchise. From there, they talk about several European countries — Portugal Ireland Italy Greece Spain — whose names form the acronym PIIGS. PIIGS gets loosely tied to Angry Birds' spinoff Bad Piggies and… it's just a mess. Sorry, CNBC, you guys don't get any stars for this awkward stab at relevance.


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