Watch Remember Me's Protagonist Get Really Pissed Off

Can you blame Nilin, the protagonist of Capcom's 2013-slated Remember Me? Look at all the crap she has to deal with, from guards chasing her down to helicopters incessantly shooting at her as she scales the sides of buildings. She's annoyed, and for good reason.

What you see above is the demo shown off at gamescom, following the amazing gameplay footage released to the public during the show in Germany.


    its so over scripted it hurts

      I tend to agree, but this is the opening mission so I'm just going to hope it's all tutorial style stuff that eases up soon after.

    Thought the headline was referring to Robert pattinson in that 911 movie.

    She looks really slow when moves. Maybe she shouldn't be wearing high-heels.

    Looks pretty fantastic to me. Those environments are amazing and the music/atmosphere really feels like a film.

    Yay; 2013 the year of the Uncharted clones. Like the GITS like setting and ZOE music.

    While it's undeniably cool and this is just an out of context early demo - the character design, the scripting, the heroine's movements ... it's all very ... like a game designed by game designers; nothing seems like real people moving around a real world or talking and reacting like real people (a trick that Uncharted managed to pull off).

    Reminds me more of that steaming trainwreck Syndicate.
    Don't know about you, but running *into* incoming fire seems somewhat counterintuitive, especially when there were so many opportunities to avoid the helo altogether. Well, apart from the fact he's a crap shot.

    Nice work on having a female protagonist, but they've kept the surge forward, gungho attitude that flavours every single shooter, so it appears to be not much of a change.

    "And now the Hunted, becomes the Huntaaaah!"


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