Watch The 8-Bit Version Of That BioShock Infinite Trailer

The premiere trailer for BioShock Infinite was such a tease: a beautiful new environment, a mysterious and solemn-looking new character, and lots and lots of propaganda.

But there's something great about this 8-bit version that washes out all the detail and gorgeous lighting. I think it's the protagonist's growls as he flails through the air that gets me. And yet when Booker DeWitt's pixelated form falls in slow motion through blocky roses to that really soft music, it still manages to touch on that emotional from the trailer it's parodying. Go figure.

Now for comparison, check out the original below.


    Bit more than 8bit I think

      No 8bit anything could of made that. maybe a 32bit Saturn but even that would be pushing it. The effects are on par with 2d gamecube. The resolution is way off for starters.

        It had like Atari characters but the backgrounds were completely different. And that arm looked way out of place.

        The GTA Vice City thing was amazing, but this wasn't authentic or particularly impressive. I'm kinda eh on this one.

          Yeah. I wouldn't call the GTA one technically accurate but it was creative and interesting. This feels like there's no reason beyond nudging you and saying 'remember the past, that was a thing'.

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