Watch The Hero Of Assassin’s Creed 3 Kill Even More British Soldiers, And Also Meet George Washington

Watch The Hero Of Assassin’s Creed 3 Kill Even More British Soldiers, And Also Meet George Washington

Readers who, like me, get most of their TV on a recorded delay may not have seen this ad starting to pop up on their local airwaves just yet. So here it is.

This Assassin’s Creed 3 commercial doesn’t exactly give the redcoats a badly-needed break, but it does have shots of my beloved Boston, so I like it anyway. Plus, it’s nice to see some glimpses of Connor without the hood.


  • Besides the terrible music this is looking to be pretty freaking awesome. And Connor seems like a nice and much needed change from Ezio.

  • I preordered AC3 months ago, but I have to say – their marketing has been the most nauseating, U-S-A-U-S-A crap I’ve seen since Independence Day. Really hope it’s just their way to drum up sales in the States rather than an actual representation of the game.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s the ‘theme’ of the game from an artistic point of view, not a political statement saying ‘USA is the best!’.
      Back when the USA fought for their independence from the British Empire, there was a lot of preaching and overloaded patriotism. I’m pretty sure the game is intentionally supposed to represent that

      • Its not USA USA crap it represents the truth that the colonists in America didn’t have many rights or control of governing as they were governed by unknown people to them in Britain, the homeland. They also wanted to be a free country as they were in a whole other continental landmass.

        • That’s a fair point, the only problem I think some people have with it is that the British aren’t given a story or character. They seem a little villainous instead of being represented on equal ground with America.

  • Game looks amazing.

    Story/Narrative/USA crap is utterly horrible. Double so for the main character being a native (partial) american; a group of people who in particular didn’t get any real freedom until many, many centuries later. Beyond that the whole “we just want our freedom” line is just utter bollocks, and the game makes me think of the kinda over-the-top nationalistic propaganda that comes outta places like Iran and North Korea, much better budget and with more subtlety, but the same kinda RA RA patriotism/nationalism crap.

    Yes I will probably still buy and play the game.

  • I’ve been skeptical of every AC so far and have been pleasantly surprised each time. Lets hope the story isn’t everything it is being made out to be.

  • I be running a pro-Brit Conner if possible, or as excessively neutral as I can make it. The British have a terrible record for subjugating native people but I doubt it would have been as bad as the US treatment.

    After playing through AC II and Brotherhood as a murderous, foppish Italian noble with no care for any life, it’ll be nice to try some finesse.

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