We Are One Step Closer To Real Metal Gears

Continuing a process that began back in the 1960s, the United States has this week taken us one step closer to a world in which Metal Gears case to be science fiction and start being part of the military's everyday life.

Boston Dynamics, whose military robots even look like Metal Gears, this week released video of their "Cheetah", a model so named because it can run at 28.3 miles per hour. Which is faster than Usain Bolt.

I am not having nightmares about this now. They will surely come later tonight.


    I laughed when it fell over "Take that you stinkin' robot!" - does that make me a bad person?

      Not a bad person, no. Just one of the first to go...

        Haha! +1

        Praise to our new Mechanical Overlords!

    This video is a couple of years old.

      its plunkett. his job is to surf the web and find random news and post some 1-2 article.

        surf the web? his job is to look at his Facebook feeds and repost them

      Care to back that claim up? The video was posted by Boston Dynamics (the people who built the robot) 1 day ago.

      This video is new, the previous version of the Cheetah video that is a couple years old had an early version of the robot that could only go to 18 mph.

    Boston Dynamics have a contract with the devil himself. It's the only way you can explain the feeling of intense dread you experience when you watch videos of their Big Dog robot, complete with that horrible horrible buzzing sound like a far off swarm of bees all playing miniature vuvuzelas.

      "complete with that horrible horrible buzzing sound like a far off swarm of bees all playing miniature vuvuzelas"

      Dear god that's horrifying...

    I read "Boston Dynamic" and see cool robots.
    I instantly want to rename the company Massive Dynamic and start a war with an alternate universe.

      You win the Internet (all of them), and yet fringe is back soon

        I know. Can't wait.

    Let's never, ever piss off America.

      Its only almost as fast as a crocodile... remember Americans think Australia is essentially one giant animal slasher movie.

    I can just imagine a big size one of those chasing people down in the next terminator film.

    Sometimes I find it hard to shake the feeling that we're going in a bad direction.

    now all it needs is a rail gun...

    I seem to remember a similar video going at about 6 months ago. I see its still using a stabiliser and treadmill so untill its got some live runs I will remain only slightly impressed (I mean it CAN run without falling over that is impressive). Its just a long way away from aplicable limb based mechs.

    It's only time, before, idoits the world over will be offer, courses on how to defend against robots lol.

    Sadly, though, a roundhouse kick to that cheetah will break you, because, steel doesn't yield like living flesh does, that and robots dont have fear.

    i prefer asimo, this looks threatening.

    the stabiliser on the Big Dog works very well, it can be kicked and regain balance before it falls as well as recover from slipping on ice (thinking back to the video).

    I can imagine this thing will have a similar technology but maybe needs much faster processing to get the solution right before falling on its face at high speed. Imagine seeing that though, so far we've seen a slow walking quadbot recover at the speed of a real dog. With fast enough tech, a high speed kick (like from being shot at) could still be compensated for. I'm sure that's the demo vid they're aiming for.

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