We Most Likely Won’t See GTA V (Or BioShock Infinite) Until After March 2013

We Most Likely Won’t See GTA V (Or BioShock Infinite) Until After March 2013

You might say folks would be optimistic if they expected it any earlier, but it looks as though we won’t be seeing Grand Theft Auto V until after this financial year, which means we most likely won’t be seeing it until after April 2013 at the earliest.

At a Take 2 investor meeting today, Dan Emerson discussed the future of Take 2 and, GTA V was only mentioned in passing — suggesting strongly that the game will not be made available before the end of this financial year in the US (March 31 2013).

BioShock Infinite was also not mentioned — but Emerson made reference to a delayed game — which may also suggest we could be waiting a while for that one as well.

Take 2 Suggest GTA V Won’t Release In This Financial Year [Cram Gaming]


  • Bummer. GTA V is no surprise and isn’t really that high on my List Of Interesting Things anyway, but I was hoping to at least see Bioshock Infinite before then. Oh well, no shortage of other interesting stuff in Q1 next year anyway, so probably for the best.

  • A few people at my work were expecting GTAV this year. They’re idiots.

    I thought Infinite was coming out in March anyway though..?

  • It doesn’t bother me that GTA V won’t be out until then, I don’t have anything capable of running it right now anyway.

    Also if they can avoid the farcical PC launch like GTA IV did I’d be happy. I don’t want another EA, shoving games out to make the books look nice, but at the cost of the game actually being nice.

  • why would they release it in this financial year?

    clearly the visuals are “better” than this generation of console – i read into this as near completion, “optimising” for next gen consoles, begin developing day1 DLC

    • Graphics are definitely this gen. Cool your jets turbo, rockstar haven’t done much wrong by us yet, stop being so cynical.

  • No GTA V this year is a no brainer, i do wish for it to come out later this year as its one of my most anticipated games but Rockstar only releases one game a year and this years game was Max Payne 3 so im guessing a May – June release window.

  • I don’t mind about when it’s released, only that they teased it so fucking early and have shared little but screenshots since.

    Like come on, how long ago was that trailer?

  • I hoped it would release this year so it could be the last MA game that should be R but isn’t, now everyone under 18 will not be able to buy it with or without their parents or otherwise supplying R18+ material to a minor is a criminal offence. But 2013 sounded more a realistic release date due to TakeTwo having 2 big releases this year in Max Payne 3 and Borderlands 2, next year it will (hopefully) be GTAV and BioShock Infinite being released.

  • I do think marketing over estimated how much hype they could maintain with so little. I went from die hard want to a single quick look at the screens and move on. I’m not sure if they can get me back to that point again and I’m reading I am not the only one who has had negative feedback to this type of marketing. You really need to maintain the momentum to do these campaigns well.

    • Just wait until they show a second trailer ;), the internets will exlpode once again. I seem to remember rockstar taking a year to show anything of gta4 after the big announcement at E3. I do think gtav was prematurely announced though, my guess was to bring publicity/attention to max payne 3 from increased traffic on their site.

  • Buddy, parents giving kids R rated material isn’t a criminal offence lol. It’s only illegal for them to view it in public, but there’s no law that prohibits parents buying R rated material for their kids to use at home. X rated material is illegal for kids to view but not R rated stuff.

    Read the legislation before making things up. We need people to be educated and informed with accurate information.

  • This is going to be a VERY bad move for Rockstar, spring and 2013 in general are TERRIBLE time to launch games (ecspecially if you want huge record breaking sales) Spring time is when people spend more time outdoors and less time playing games,so many people my age only really bother buying games from October to December and play them through the winter time. Also 2013 people will be all excited for next gen consoles which launch October 2013 time,people will be saving for them ans they will inevitably be expensive.Also Rockstar thought Max Payne was going to be a massive hit but it was a big sales flop, one of the reasons it was a big sales flop is because Rockstar have angered fans who have started to boycott anything Rockstar related (max payne 3 sales prove this) I myself and 5 of my best friends who bought all previous Max Payne games boycotted Max Payne 3, we plan on boycotting GTAV too!

    Also all previous GTA games launched in October (apart from GTAIV as it was delayed because of bugs, then GTAIV was originally set for an Oct 2007 release) these fans are now in their 30’s and loved having GTA launch in October and it became a little tradition (Im one of those people), was great getting a new GTA game launch in October to keep me occupied over those long cold nights and Xmas time,come spring im busy doing outdoor things.

    Wait and see, if GTAV launches Spring or summer 2013 it wont sell as well as they think it will just like Max Payne didnt, it will still sell well but it 100% wont break any sales records nor will it sell more than GTAV or San Andreas……..and it inevitably wont be as good as San Andreas…sequels rarley are better than the originals.

    • Firstly , the campaign to MP3 was excellent, I’m not sure as to why you and your “5 friends” are boycotting the games, but I doubt 6 people not buying the game related to its flop, If you were a true Max Payne fan you would of purchased or atleast torrented it also Spring 2013 is Fall2013 in Australia so it’s not an issue also grow up if you’re in your 30’s you should stop making such a hassle for yourself and purchase the games you enjoy.

      If you really don’t want to support Rockstar buy the game preowned that way they get 0% of the profit, that way you’re actually screwing them, purely because if you’re boycotting the company, Rockstar were never going to get your money but if you buy it preowned, Rockstar could have had a sale from you but you chose to fuck them over.

  • I don’t know what meeting they are talking about, but here is a direct quote from CEO Strauss Zelnick at the Annual Shareholder Meeting on 9/20

    “Bioshock Infinite is progressing in its development at Irrational Games and is palnned to launch February 26th, 2013… Grand Theft Auto 5 is in full development and making substantial progress. “

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