We Nearly Got An MC Hammer Game

If nothing says "early 90s" like MC Hammer, then nothing says "mid 90s" like shitty Sega CD games. How wonderful the two could come together, then, in Hammer vs. Evil D. in Soulfire, a game that looked as awful as it sounded.

It was never released, sadly/thankfully, and before you go making jokes about developers GTE, know they did some cool stuff with Sega (like pioneering 3D title Time Traveler) and made some decent PC games as well (like Timelapse).

Maybe the problem here is that there was no "time" in Hammer's game title. Which, you know. Irony.

Hammer vs. Evil D. in Soulfire [Sega Mega CD - Cancelled] [Unseen 64, via Attract Mode]


    'Shitty' is the best way you could describe those games? I guess that's par for the Luke course...

    No mention of inxs, Marky Mark or kriss kross games that actually did get made for mega cd. Great knowledge base!

    WTF - can you explain the term ironic Luke? I do not understand what you mean in reference to time. Why is this ironic?

      A reference to the classic MC Hammer lyric "Stop! Hammer time"

    Thankyou. That is just fucking stupid.

    Well I actually played the game and for the time and the technology it was actually pretty impressive. They actually synced the movements to the soundtrack and back in 1992, that was freak'n amazing. The only reason it did not make it out as a game was that there was a hangup with the licensing and by the time they had that ironed out, the Hammer time had passed.
    But I will let you know, working at GTE Imagitrek back then was amazing. We were on the bleeding edge of technology and it was great!

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