We're Live-Blogging The Wii U Pre-Launch Extravaganza Right Here

How much will the Wii U cost? Exactly which day will it go on sale? What games will come out for it on day one? Is your body going to be ready?

At least some of these questions will be answered at Nintendo's huge Wii U pre-launch event in New York City this morning. We're liveblogging it here. The festivities start at 10am Eastern.

(You can also watch a livestream of the event on Nintendo's Facebook page.)


    Can't seem to find a way to see it from their facebook page, or from anywhere else for that matter...

    Sadly I'm up for this - been trying to beat star cup on Mario Tennis Open on 3DS man I suck at this game.

    I found it on the website, but it isnt loading for me.

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