What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Bloody Dark Souls. I've really hit a wall with this game, and I feel as though I need some breathing space. I've been toying with a couple of games to play this weekend: The Walking Dead and Sound Shapes. But what are you playing this weekend?

Both games sound like the kind of thing I'd be fully into: I'm a huge fan of adventure games, and I've always loved games that use sound as feedback. It's a difficult choice. It'll most likely all depend on the circumstances, and whether or not I'll have access to the TV over the weekend. If not, I'll retreat to my PC with The Walking Dead.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    The Walking dead ep3, probably some GW2 and some sleeping dogs

    Souls Souls Souls Souls.

    Finish Outland.

    Yay football!

    Souls Souls Souls Souls.

    Replaying KOTOR/2 whilst waiting for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

    Walking Dead Episode 2, but I'm loving my shiny new 3DS XL so I'm constantly grazing on it. Maybe Mario Tennis this time.

    DARK SOULS. Want to take out Ornstein and Smough, damn it. They just keep on slamming me.

      Souls souls souls souls.

        Yeah I'm fully invested in Dark Souls too, what a game! I'm only a dozen hours in and if feels like I haven't even scratched the surface. Man it looks good at 2560x1600 with Ambient Occlusion enabled too.

    I'll try to finish Spec Ops and slowly make my way through Darksiders II. D2 is getting really repetitive though :(

    Not really a game but I've been using Nintendo Letter Box for the 3DS heaps lately. It's good fun drawing pictures!

      I noticed - I have a constant blue light on my 3DS.

      Not complaining though, keep it up!

        Haha I think you've been left out of the majority of pictures from me and the other TAYbies. I wasn't sure if you wanted them or not :P!

    Started with Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD last weekend, so will be continuing with that. Not a bad little game actually

    New RaceRoom content means I'll be diving back into Race Injection.

    Diablo 3, just got my Witch Doctor up to Inferno difficulty.

    Starcraft 2, not in the HOTS beta but I'm keen to start playing again.

    Munchkin/Cthulhu Munchkin/Ticket to Ride, having another board game night at my place on Sunday. These games are just bloody awesome.

    BF3, Maybe more Ghost Recon on the 3DS. Perhaps War of the Roses if I buy it. (20% off pre order if you own a mount and blade title)

    I've got a big stack of DS games to not play. Some Vita and 3DS stuff to not play as well. I actually don't have a clue what I'll actually end up playing.

    Maybe I might find some time to play some more Sleeping Dogs. Maybe I'll get started on Darksiders 2. Without a working PC all I can say for sure is I won't be playing Walking Dead episode 3. *puts gun in mouth*

    Still Borderlands. Damn this game goes on forever.

    Playing City of Heroes while I still can. Damn you NCSoft...

    Still on Sleeping Dogs, with bouts of Skyrim and Tropico 4.

    No FPS til Borderlands 2.

    Dragon's Dogma or The Witcher 2 is the plan. cant decide.
    But I'll probably end up playing Saints Row 3 co-op instead.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 + Sleeping Dogs + Mario Kart Wii

    Finishing up Transfomers: FoC and Ep. 3 of The Walking Dead.
    Weekend summed up.

    ive had walking dead ep 2 & 3 sitting there for a while.... i was about to start 2 on wednesday when i noticed that none of my achievements registered for ep1??? so im now starting all the way from that... other than that, i bought Final Fantasy VII on the Vita/PS3, as well as Crash team Racing and also registered PSN Plus, taking advantage of the 25% off... so ive got red dead redemption downloading at the moment, among others :)

    At the end game of ME3 on my whole mass effect series replay so am well excited to see the new ending stuff.

    Madden 13, but AFL/NRL Finals will be the priority, leading into opening week of the NFL on Monday.


    Been on a Battlefield 3 re-visit lately, too.

    Finished Dead Space 1 the other day so going to start the second one for the weekend. Also will probably check out the Mass Effect 3 DLC.

    Why does everyone have such a hard time with Dark Souls? all you need is a Demon Spear and a Great Shield which you can get both as early as Blight Town and just Phalanx everything to death.

    I might play Mario Kart 3DS online or maybe even buy Mario tennis I'll probably be playing my 3DS until Borderlands comes out.

      I have a Greatshield but can't lift it yet because I chose a Thief as my class \o/

        You could just grab the Eagle Great Shield in Blight Town you only need about 16 Strength for it and has decent stability.

    Maybe some Dark Souls.
    Really want to finish Dead Space 2.
    Plus I really want to get back into Dead Island.

    So probably just SKYRIM!

    I'm half way through World 8 in NSMBWii after collecting all the coins and secrets in the previous worlds, so I'll be knocking the rest off this weekend

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