What Are You Playing This Weekend

This weekend is a bit of a duffer for me when it comes to gaming. I'm headed down to visit family and Canberra, so I don't expect I'll be playing many games. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

There is a possibility I'll get some multiplayer Trials Evolution in — particularly since my brother-in-law and Kotaku designer/tech wizard, Ben, will be coming along as well. But that's it for me I'm afraid.

How about you guys and girls?


    Madden 13 (might restart my career after the week 1 patch tomorrow), BF3: Armoured Kill and maybe get back to Arkham City, but I don't really feel like going back at this stage.

    After seeing how Bayonetta 2 will be WiiU exclusive, I've just remembered that I have the original on PS3 that I barely played so I might give that a go.

    Finishing "Mark of the Ninja" I know this didn't get much publicity from microsoft but I hope everyone here on Kotaku has bought a copy.

      I saw the review the other day and it looks like a lot of fun

      Saw the quick look on giantbomb, looked very slick. Why on earth this wasn't one of the summer arcade titles (it looked easily better than most of them), we'll never know.

        Yeah the mind boggles on that point. Summer of Arcade was horribly misjudged this year and yet here's an XBLA excludive mere weeks later that should've been an SoA game!

    Either Fall of Cybertron multiplayer or Monster Hunter 3

    Started playing Shogun Total War again after a recent work trip.. what a classic game.

    Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, League of Legends, Halo: Reach, Tribes: Ascend, Crysis 2, Orcs Must Die 2!, Assassin's Creed II (Achievement farming) and maybe some others.

    Not too sure, yet. But I'm mostly going through so many games to stress test the laptop I just grabbed. Gotta say the thing is a monster of a gaming machine and it's built so damn well, it makes me wonder why I never got a gaming laptop to begin with.

    Anyway. Gamer frenzy this weekend.

    NHL 13 all weekend baby

    Sleeping Dogs on PC and Tekken Tag 2 on PS3. Maybe some Oddworld Strangers Wrath.

    Souls. Maybe Walking Dead. But most likely just Souls.

    Blackmesa if the servers don't meltdown.

    I'm going to be finishing my second playthrough of Cave Story+!

      I can't beat the end boss on the DS version. I probably need to harden up, but the long lead in makes it sooo painful to keep retrying!

    Despite me being terrible (2 wins, 11 losses), Tekken Tag 2 online, and maybe some Warcraft 3.

    I forgot about BF3 Armoured Kill on PC so Strangers Wrath will probably not get touched.

    Transformers: FOC, gotta justify my Dinobot purchase.

    At Greenius constant insistence, Xenoblade chronicles.

    Bastion on the iPad. Hazzah! Some time on Skyward Sword.

    Theres nothing to play so maybe some black ops mp but mostly making my lego lord of the rings helms deep i bought yesterday and gf is coming up so not much time for gaming

    Back to Sound Shapes I think! Finished the campaign mode during the week, so might try the beat mode and death mode this weekend. What a brilliant game it is! The most amazing part for me was when I first started timing jumps etc to the music rather than on screen. That was the moment it all clicked for me.

    Mainly Atelier Meruru, however, there will also be interjections of Mark Of The Ninja, Dark Souls, They Bleed Pixels and Trails in the Sky. What? I like having multiple games on the go at all times...

    Most likely some more DC Universe Online.. finally took the plunge and tried this out.. I'm actually surprised it was a good as it is.

    infamous 2 and maybe something from my list of downloadable games.

    Probably nothing. Just clocked Sleeping Dogs so it's just a countdown to Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. Weather is good in Perth this weekend so I might just go outside!

    I should plat Borderlands... Only one trophy before the new one...

    But I'll probably keep conquering Europe, Crusader Kings II has got its hooks back into me pretty well.

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