What People Came To See At The Tokyo Game Show

What People Came To See At The Tokyo Game Show

We’ve already reported at some length how long the line was to get into the Tokyo Game Show this year. And with about over 95,000 attendees on the first public day, it’s easy to see why. And since literally thousands of people were standing in line with nothing to do, I decided to ask a few people at random about why they were at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

The first person I interviewed was a young eight-year-old boy named Oga. His favourite game is One Piece: Pirate Warriors and the game he most wanted to play at the game show was Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS. His father was less than hopeful about their chances of actually playing it — and as it was one of the most popular games of the show, he was more than likely correct, unfortunately.

Next I talked with Takuto, a thirteen-year-old boy. And as his favourite game is Dragon Quest X, it’s no surprise that the game he most wanted to play at the show was Dragon Quest X on the Wii U. I had the sad duty of telling him that the game was not playable on the floor; but when I informed him of the DQX stage show later that day, he seemed happy enough.

After that, I talked with one of the many young women in the line. Going by her internet name, 25-year-old “Yuya” told me she was most looking forward to DmC — the newest game in the Devil May Cry series. Her favourite game is not in the Devil May Cry series, however, though it was a Capcom game. Her favourite game is the sumié-style PS2 classic Okami.

Next up was a man calling himself “Oyaji”, which translates to “Old Guy” — though at 42 years old I’m not sure he really qualifies for the title. Because he had played every other game in the series, the game he most wanted to play at the Tokyo Game Show was Resident Evil 6 — even though it’s set to be released in Japan next week. His favourite game is another Japanese classic — Metal Gear Solid — and he was looking forward to trying out Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at the show as well.

The last person I talked to I have already written about: 24 year-old Keita Wada, the first person in line at the Tokyo Game Show this year. He wasn’t interested in playing any games at all; he came for the idols at the Macross 30th Anniversary stage show. He told me the only other thing he wished he could see was the Idolm@ster stage show on Saturday. So it’s safe to say he was a fan of that series.

So there you have it, a nice little cross section of the different types of people who went to the Tokyo Game Show this year and what they were hoping to see there.

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