What Really Happened To Abe Lincoln? Skyrim Has The Answer

Two mods, the "Now you F**ked Up Mudcrab" mod and the "Posh mudcrabs" mod combine for a near virtuoso re-enactment of the climactic dialogue in The Whitest Kids You Know's "What Really Happened to Abraham Lincoln".

I'm a little unclear, however. Despite the mudcrabs' remonstrations, has the player in fact messed up?

YouTube video uploaded by Normal Difficulty [h/t Mathue S.]



    Great article Owen.

      My GOD. I've joined the ranks of the article complainers!


    ... in which another nail is hammered into the coffin of Kotaku. Sad times.

    Now you fucked up..

    omg I laughed hard. I really wasn't expecting it and since I know where the audio is from it's ten times funnier.

    This is really getting to me. I went to University, studied Journalism and Media for a year and a bit but had to drop out because I couldn't afford it. I've written for a newspaper for about a year. I have annoyed the absolute crap out of publishers trying to get a position among their ranks, but alas, I come out with no reward. Then I see articles like this. Pretty much every day on this website. I know there are quite times when it comes to finding something which is worth everyone's reading time, and something like this article is fine every now and then, its a distraction, it gives you something to laugh about, but there are way too many of these things floating around. Hey Kotaku, I have experience, I have a pages of article ideas that I write down every now and then. Can I just maybe have a job? You will see better quality then this.

    No offence to the journalist of this article. I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.

    I still have absolutely no idea what this article is about, what the video is depicting, and how any of it has anything to do with Abraham Lincoln.

    Watched the original video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvkBvzpbBPs). Did not find it funny. At all.

    I don't mind Kotaku being an aggregator for funny bits of random stuff I wouldn't otherwise see... But this was just shit. Utter shit.

    On the plus side, when the video was finally over, there was a link to Unnecessary Censorship in Video Games - Skyrim Ep 6.
    So, some good came out of this embarrassment of a link.

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