When I Was A Teen, I Kept This Myst 'Journal'

I'm coming back to PC gaming, so I'm thinking a lot these days about the PC games I used to play. Back in the day, I played Myst, of course. I think everyone in the early '90s tried it.

A month or so ago I was rummaging through my childhood bedroom and found the official Journal of Myst that came with the game. It's a stapled, blank notebook with a cardboard cover and pages yellowed to look old on day one. The fine print on the back dates the notebook's printing as some time in 1993. I would have been 16 or 17 then, a high school kid.

What follows is what I wrote in the notebook. At the time, these were solutions I was sketching in order to solve the game's puzzles. They were the answers. Today, I don't remember what any of the puzzles were, so now it's these answers, scrawled in my handwriting, that are the puzzles in need of some solutions. What did they solve? I don't remember. I could check a Myst walkthrough, but, as always, that would be cheating.


    Still have my Myst journal in a box around here somewhere.

    I feel old when i look at this, it reminds me of preinternet days

    Oh man, that f**king piano puzzle

    Oh man, I still have my MYST journal with all my notes in it too. Just looking at your pages I see which puzzles you were trying to work out, as I would have attempted to do so in a similar fashion. This is beautiful.

    Ive got an unread myst novel lying around somewhere. LOL. I used to love making game maps. If I come across a code in a game I will jot it down but now most games seem to autocomplete stuff like that.

    My family were huge Myst fans, so much so that I wrote a strategy guide and printed it out for anyone who wanted to play and needed help. Complete with drawn diagrams and maps, puzzle solutions etc.

    I did the same thing for The Neverhood as well.

    The novels are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and are pretty much a prequel to MYST, but are so well written I couldn't put the first one down!
    (Nor the other two!)

    Now I need to find my old Myst and Riven notebooks... I remember being immensely proud of my diagrams.

    Back when games were games, not guided interactive storys... Needed brains and a notebook to play...

    I had to ask my dad to translate the English dialogue for me when playing this. Also the environment was scary as hell for a 7 years old. The puzzles are brilliant though, and the convoluted story was just marvellous writing for the time.

    I miss Myst :)

    The older games where much better

    I bought the latest myst and it was terrible

    Did anyone read the Myst books - Sensational...

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