When The Future Of Video Games Was…Tape Decks

When The Future Of Video Games Was…Tape Decks

This is a commercial for Hitachi’s H2 model of the MSX, Microsoft’s unsung hero of Japan’s gaming past. The soothing tones, the brilliant whites, the computer-generated animal…this is the future, people. The distant, star-gazing future! Where video games are so advanced they’re sold not on discs, or downloaded over communications networks, but put on cassette tapes.

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  • Cool – I’ve always found some of the less successful platforms are the most interesting. Any chance of a piece on the PC Engine? Or the Vectrex? And perhaps the high weirdness of chinese NES knockoffs which flooded the

    • Personally I’m hoping Kotaku does a complete retrospective on Infinium Labs and the debacle of the Phantom console that lasted over half a decade in the late 90s and early 2000s. How they promised so much and eventually only delivered a mouse and keyboard lol. With all the controversy, the offices that were never actually attended, just empty lots, it was quite controversial and very interesting reading at the time.

  • Lol the Phantom was so aptly named – a early precursor to some kickstarter games? Or that Android based console that’s been so talked about lately?

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