When The Future Of Video Games Was...Tape Decks

This is a commercial for Hitachi's H2 model of the MSX, Microsoft's unsung hero of Japan's gaming past. The soothing tones, the brilliant whites, the computer-generated animal...this is the future, people. The distant, star-gazing future! Where video games are so advanced they're sold not on discs, or downloaded over communications networks, but put on cassette tapes.

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    Cool - I've always found some of the less successful platforms are the most interesting. Any chance of a piece on the PC Engine? Or the Vectrex? And perhaps the high weirdness of chinese NES knockoffs which flooded the

    Markets of Bejing in the early 90's?

      Personally I'm hoping Kotaku does a complete retrospective on Infinium Labs and the debacle of the Phantom console that lasted over half a decade in the late 90s and early 2000s. How they promised so much and eventually only delivered a mouse and keyboard lol. With all the controversy, the offices that were never actually attended, just empty lots, it was quite controversial and very interesting reading at the time.

    Lol the Phantom was so aptly named - a early precursor to some kickstarter games? Or that Android based console that's been so talked about lately?

    Retro gamer magazine peoples!!!!!! Just had vecterex collectors guide. RETRO GAMER.

    Thanks for the tip Martin will try to pick up a copy

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