When You Play Ocarina Of Time, You Either Win Or You Die

I can think of a lot worse things for two bored British kids to be doing than reciting the intro theme to Game of Thrones using ocarina music from the N64 Zelda games.

A lot worse.

Ocarina of Thrones [YouTube]


    They seem a bit young for Game of Thrones and the 64 to be honest, but neat idea.

      One of them at least seems to be playing it with a GCN controller so I'm guessing it's the WW Collector's Edition bundled version or the Wii Virtual Console.

    Breaks my heart to see A Song of Ice and Fire be name-dropped by a knuckle-dragging philistine like Plunkett.

      Breaks my heart to keep seeing trolls like you.

        Wait, maybe that's a bit too snarky. Anyway, you see the name. You should know that Luke also posts interesting/weird/other stuff which may or may not come from reddit or otherwise. And that's a good thing, since a) Kotaku is not solely a news site and b) some people do not use reddit.

        In other words, just don't click on his links.

          I will interject here, and say I followed a facebook link to this article. It's a shame this rubbish gets the attention and publicity on kotaku.

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