Which Of These 21 Handhelds Has The Longest Battery Life?

On this table are 21 handhelds, including the Vita, PSP and just about every flavour of Game Boy, DS and 3DS there is/was.

The test is simple. Start them running, and see which one runs the longest.

It's not entirely scientific, as it's slightly unfair to compare the battery drain of a PSP game to a Game Boy one, but then you could counter that it's all relative, and that I'm not a scientist, and that I should just shut up.

A fair point.

For the impatient, the overall winner was the Game Boy colour, which lasts so long it nearly made an appearance on Life After People.

Huge Battery Test [YouTube, via Tiny Cartridge]


    I remember not charging my Gameboy SP for like 4 or 5 years and I switched it on around this year and it there were some battery left in it. I was pretty surprised like "woah" and yeah....

    The use of additional external batteries on 2 of the consoles invalidate them instantly. Plus running time varies in just having the system on versus actually playing the games. Lots of problems with the testing methods

      But if they're all just being left on then it's an even playing field?

        Not scientifically it's not. The test doesn't take into account all the variable's that come into effect.

          It's not supposed to be a scientific test.

          Regardless, the power is all relative. You can make an arguement that newer consoles have more grunt and therefore are more demanding on their batteries, but that's not really valid, because you could have made the same arguement with GBA vs GB for example, and as you saw the GBA's battery ended up outlasting the GB (although we don't know exactly what happened to the GB at that point in the video).

    Wouldn't age and number of charges be a factor in the handhelds with internal batteries.

    SP for shiz, that thing rarely ran out. Even with the back light on.

    If they wanted to know scientifically which battery ran longer they could just test (or look at the label on the battery) for it's amp/hour rating. I don't really think that's the point of the video though.

    hmm no gameboy pocket

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