While You Were Sleeping

You know those mornings — those rare, sweet mornings — when you wake up with a spring in your step, ready to face the world? Today is one of those days, so I'm going to be annoyingly chirpy and irritate the hell out of every single last one of you!

The things that kids born this year will probably get to take for granted sort of terrifies me. I didn't have a proper PC in my house until I was 16 years old. Seems like Patrica Hernandez was in a similar boat, so this story is quite interesting to me — it's about how Mario taught her to type.

Oh, and it's Ico. On the Vita. Exciting. But, you know what? I don't know if I could actually play through Ico again. I honestly think it's dated a bit poorly. The incredible level design is timeless, but that Camera? Hmm...

Apparently Capcom had some early copies of Resident Evil 6 stolen and they're in the wild, this is how you annoy Hideo Kojima, and this is the story of a man who made an iPhone game for his new born daughter.

In Short How To Annoy Metal Gear's Creator — Ask Him About Project Ogre Hey, It's Ico On A Sony Dudes Vita Capcom Says Those Very Early Copies Of Resident Evil 6 Were Stolen Mario Taught Me Typing. He Should Teach Me Texting And Internet Stalking Too Heroic Father Makes iPhone Game For His New Born Daughter


    again with the dead roo

    Nights HD, Sonic Adventure 2 HD, Jet Set Radio HD confirmed for October on XBLA/PSN http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2012/09/nights-into-dreams-sonic-adventure-2-hd.html

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