While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. There is news. It must be written about. By me. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we take a quick gander and what went down overnight.

Are you tired of Metal Gear Solid news tidbits that aren't really proper news in any real shape or form? I'm not! Apparently Snake (whether he's Big Boss, Solid Snake or whatever) won't be an old man in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The whole grey hair look came from the lighting engine itself. Shame, I was sort of looking forward to playing as Big Boss approaching middle age.

Hahaha! Farmville 2. It's out. Time to get my Facebook block on. But seriously, I have a question: would you guys be interested in a series of diary style posts where I play nothing but Farmville 2? If enough people are interested I'll give it a bash.

This new Final Fantasy actually sounds interesting — but we may be waiting for a while. Freddie Mercury is now an Angry Bird and finally we might have a Battlestar Galactica game worthy of the name.

In Short Snake Isn't An Old Man In The New Metal Gear Freddie Mercury As An Angry Bird Is Both Wonderful And Weird Finally A Battlestar Galactica Game Worthy Of The Name Farmville 2 Launches Today, Here's What's New The New Final Fantasy Sounds Interesting And In Need Of More Time


    Silly dog,
    You're not a foot. Get out of that shoe, dog. You can't even get athletes foot. You don't belong in there.

    I'm sure there's other things to write about than playing Farmville 2? I would rather read about interesting games TBH.

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